Monday, March 13, 2017

Rebel Yasiel: Why 2017 Needs to be Puig's Year

I honestly didn't think we would be nearing this point back in 2013, during Yasiel Puig's rookie season. Things were so good then that this period of 'if Puig doesn't hit then he's basically done in the MLB' didn't seem like it'd be a reality.'s 2017, and last season was a bit of a down point for Puig, spending some time in the minors, and we're all at the point where we're wondering how much longer the Yasiel Puig show goes for. A few years ago he was the biggest star in the MLB, with people clamoring for his write-in inclusion on the All Star ballot, people snapping up rookie cards left and right, and the Dodgers shipping Matt Kemp out of town just to make room for his stardom.

Has he done exactly what the Dodgers have wanted him to? Well...his first two seasons were pretty great, with some great stuff in the hits, AVG and RBI categories, and some definite versatility. His last two seasons were plagued with injuries, slumps, controversy and drinking. It's getting to the point where Dodger fans are gonna have to pick which two years they're going to want to go by to watch him this season- the two good ones, or the two crap ones.

There's definitely ways Puig can improve, and there's a chance that 2017 could be the comeback season he's been waiting for...but at the same time, this may be Kosuke Fukudome 2.0...we just don't know yet.

The other thing is, the Dodgers aren't especially relying on Puig to be Mr. Chavez Ravine- they have Corey Seager, Adrian Gonzalez, Justin Turner, Kenley Jansen, and, uh...CLAYTON KERSHAW, to rake in ticket sales and make beautiful baseball happen. Puig or no Puig, the Dodgers are gonna contend in 2017. It's just a matter of whether or not the right Puig shows up to put them over the top.

A few different possibilities here, but it's open ended...because it's early.

Coming Tomorrow- Tampa Bay's lucky to have this guy.

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