Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Inexplicably Odd Tampa Bay Rays

So, let's run this down:

  • The top pitcher and hitter from 2017 are both either injured or slumping
  • The team is being led by a strong, power hitting infielder, but it's a rookie that's not Evan Longoria
  • Absolutely no one in the team's starting lineup came up through the farm system. And none of them were on the team in 2015.
  • The team's oldest starter is Chris Archer, who was once considered the face of youth on the aging roster
  • The team's closer, once-reliable, is now slumping for the first time in his career.
  • The only person on the team with more than 5 home runs is C.J. Cron, with 9.
  • The team features 2 members of the 2010s Nationals squads, and 2 members of the 2010s Giants squads. 
  • Jonny Venters
  • The player with the highest WAR is a skinny little pitcher that no one has heard of.
So...this team is friggin weird. People like Denard Span and Blake Snell are doing great, in lieu of actual team leaders like Kevin Kiermaier and Chris Archer. And while it's not COMPLETELY working, and while they're still in 4th place, the team isn't doing especially badly, and is doing their best to stay afloat within the odd circumstances. 

I sincerely hope the team stays this weird, because it's all I've got to write about.

Coming Tomorrow- A rookie pitcher for the Marlins. No...not the one that stymied the Dodgers tonight. A different one. 

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