Thursday, May 17, 2018

Marlin's Beard!

If you can believe it, the Marlins might be worse than that pun.

Thanks to some pre-season trades, and...drunk boating, sad to say, this is a Marlins team without an identity, and without a sole reason to succeed. The only player making any positive process is J.T. Realmuto, and it's become clear that he won't be staying on the team for much longer. The entire team is just full of rookie trials, aging veterans that can't function anymore, players that were fine last year that are tanking now, and just a large cloud of pessimism. And of course there is- with Derek Jeter now running the team, it's become clear that he's not putting his best ideas forward, and the team is suffering because of it.

Caleb Smith was called up this year, and has become a major part of the rotation, solely because the majority of the rotation, including Trevor Richards, Dan Straily and Wei-Yin Chen, have been slumping. With only Jose Urena doing marginally alright, the Marlins are calling up people like Caleb Smith, Jarlin Garcia and Elieser Hernandez in order to strengthen the rotation, and it's working with all three, even if they are sort of inexperienced. Garcia is heading up the rotation, solely because Jose Urena's pitching poorly this year.

I'm not sure what can become of this Marlins team, or if this new breed of rookie pitchers will give way to another breed of rookie pitchers, and if the cycle continues until Jeter sells the team to some Montreal businessman who moves the team there and ends this colossal strife, but...I'll try to keep optimistic.

Coming Tonight: Speaking of inexperienced pitching staffs, the sole promising arm from a trashfire of a team.

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