Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blaster of Topps 2013 Series 2. Yeah, seriously.

I feel like I've had very good luck recently with retail shops landing new products. Back when I started the blog, I was lucky if the local Target could get the new stuff within a week of its street date. Of course, today I was at Target, and 2 days after Series 2's release, found a box. Things certainly have changed.

My guaranteed patch was a rookie card patch of Justin Verlander, which is awesome, considering what an awesome pitcher he's become. And also, I have that rookie card.

Now onto the packs,

Pack 1-
629- Trevor Plouffe. Not the best way to begin the series, but he's okay. I feel like the Twins are suddenly devoid of star power, for some reason. Like, they have Mauer, Morneau and Vance, but nobody else worth a damn. Plouffe is just evidence of this.
654- Brandon Barnes. Oh look, an Astros rookie (feigns excitement)
644- Ryan Lavarnway EMERALD SHINY. These have really lost their luster.
27- Oh hey, it's the poster boy, MIKE TROUT! And...HOLY MOTHER OF SOMEBODY, I GOTS MYSELF A SHORT PRINT! Instead of the regular version, where he's sliding with his mouth open, I have the version where he's signing autographs. That's AWESOME!
586- Jose Quintana
522- Dallas Keuchel
554- Resident Advisor Dickey RED...and he's on the Blue Jays. So, score for the Photoshoppers!
577- Oh, nice, I got a Matt Harvey.

Pack 2-
371- Jeremy Affeldt
359- CC Sabathia checklist, which is nice.
A Josh Hamilton 72 mini, always welcome.
411- Jesus Guzman
355- Carlos Marmol, who's sucking even more than the rest of his team. This is a rarity, because Carlos plays for the Cubs. (awaits boos)
543- Donovan Solano. Jeez, did the Marlins just hold open tryouts or something, because I've never heard of most of their starters.
609- Scott Baker
409- Logan Morrison RED

Pack 3-
437- Dayan Viciedo, who's certainly sprung up nice for Chicago
551- Wellington Castillo
549- Huston Street, who has become the third consistent awesome Padres closer in a row (Hoffman, Bell, now Street).
Making their Mark insert of Ike Davis, who has been certainly been making a mark in AAA.
OOOH! It's a World Baseball Classic insert of someone I've heard of! Anthony Rizzo, for team Italy. That's pretty cool.
455- Buster Posey MVP
365- Mike Baxter,
539- Phil Coke

Pack 4-
611- Drew Storen, probably a bit relegated after the Nats got a better closer in Rafael Soriano.
578- Brett Jackson
592- Nick Markakis, whose star has gone down a bit since his team got hot.
Chasing History insert of King Felix.
373- Derek Jeter checklist
612- Hey, it's ROBINSON CANO!
356- Greg Dobbs, former Philly
466- Jerome 'Not Jeromy' Williams

Pack 5-
519- Zack Greinke, on the Dodgers. Another point for the photoshoppers.
343- Alex Avila, who is already being considered an aging catcher after just 5 seasons. And that says something.
383- Matt Harrison RED
Code card. Fine, I'll bite
I unlocked Ryan Zimmerman. meh
Cut to the Chase insert of RICKEY HENDERSON! Awesome!
480- Lance Berkman on the Rangers
366- Ervin Santana
361- Erik Kratz RED. Funny, it's been a good year for backup catchers in the NL East.

Pack 6-
552- Francisco Cervelli. Just not for backup catchers in the AL East
345- Jenrry Mejia
605- Aramis Ramirez GOLD #D TO 2013. Wow, at least I got a semi-star from this.
Yoenis Cespedes 72 mini
354- Casey Janssen
538- Brett Wallace and his freakishly big Anime eyes
501- Tommy Milone RED
631- Chris Carpenter RED. Huh, the only Cardinals pitcher who isn't playing well. Hell, he isn't even playing.

Pack 7-
545- Alex Presley
555- Joel Hanrahan, who is injured this season, giving way for Andrew Bailey. So maybe next season then?
546- Carlos Quentin. Grr.
397- Mike Aviles EMERALD SHINY
Chase it Down insert of Cameron Maybin. So are these supposed to be as useless as those inserts from Topps Football?
572- Lorenzo Zoil Lorenzo Cain.
434- Wei-Yin Chen RED, the 2nd greatest Taiwanese pitcher
413- Brett Gardner RED

Pack 8-
387- Jean Segura.
591- Derek Holland, wearing a throwback
518- Nolan Reimold. I forget, is he back to being good again?
Chasing History of Carl Crawford. I mean, with that bad leg, I don't know if he can do much chasing...
529- Collin McHugh. Oh wow, a Mets rookie that ISN'T Zack Wheeler.
431- Blake Beavan
427- Chris Nelson. Traded to the Yankees.
351- Asdrubal Cabrera RED

Pack 9-
475- Garrett Jones
606- Mark Trumbo, who hates not being as good as the other Angels rookie
508- Felix Doubront
Making the Mark of Andrelton Simmons
564- Francisco Peguero RC
581- Hey! It's Andrelton Simmons. Funny, we were just talking about him...
446- Chris Parmelee
441- Jose Bautista. Because all steroids eventually wear off.

Pack 10-
515- Brian Roberts, between one of his many injuries
608- Ricky Nolasco, most likely trade bait in a month
632- RA Dickey Cy Young
Eddie Mathews 72 mini, which is awesome
439- Marco Estrada
493- Johnny Giavotella
367- Carlos Ruiz, who I will never forgive for taking steroids
414- Mark Buehrle

Well, that was a nice start to Series 2.

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