Monday, June 3, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Ichiro Edition

Right now, the Yankees have a very nice team, despite falling 2nd in the standings currently. Still, the roster is full of future Hall of Famers like Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, quite possibly Andy Pettite, and of course Ichiro.

Ichiro, without any question, is the greatest Japanese baseball player ever to come to the US. I know there are a lot of Matsui purists, and a lot of people who think I should consider Hideo Nomo or Yu Darvish, but no. Nobody else comes close to the achievements Ichiro's pulled off in the last 13 seasons. He's had a number of consistently hit seasons, with some homers and fielding in there to boot.

What makes Ichiro so awesome is the fact that I can say that he played for my team. When all of this goes down, he'll probably enter Cooperstown in a Mariners cap, but he'll still have that speck in the corner that says he was a Yankee, and in my mind that's pretty awesome. I don't even care what the Yanks do with him after 2013, as long as he doesn't go to Boston. Just the feeling of Ichiro on the Yanks is enough to get me by.

Even though he hasn't had the greatest season so far, he's still one of the best, and he's still a favorite of mine.

Coming Tomorrow- Another Diamondback. This one's different. This one's NOT a pitcher!

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