Friday, June 14, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Phillips Edition

(Is it cocky to have an All Star banner for a player who's ahead of the AS voting weeks before the All Star game? Yeah, but I've been right before)

Brandon Phillips is one of those players that has a number of consistent seasons, yet nobody really talks about him. The last time he played less than half of a season was the 2005 season, which he spent with the Indians, hiding behind Ronnie Belliard. He's had an incredibly consistent career, appearing in two all star games, and becoming one of the stars of the Cincinnati roster. Yet if people talk about the Reds, they bring up Votto, or Chapman, or Cueto. Not Phillips.

Is it because Phillips lacks the star power? Phillips should be a star in his speed, defensive ability, and leadership aspect, yet people still think of Votto as the leader. Is it because he's like the one they always forget, leave out? Is it because people think he isn't as good as he is?

Either way, Phillips is likely going to get the All Star nod this year, unless Chase Utley stages a last minute comeback. And then, maybe, people will see that he's a halfway decent ballplayer.

Coming Tomorrow- Though his team is doing awfully, he's hitting a lot of homers.

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