Saturday, June 15, 2013

Three Rack Packs of Topps Archives Baseball

I know, I know, I just got some last week. But the appeal was just too enticing, and I felt like I needed some more. So I got 3 rack packs full of the stuff. The results weren't as good as that of last week's, but it's still pretty good.
Since these packs had a few doubles, I will give an insult for every double, and a compliment/joke for every card I need. And to help all set builders, all the doubles are in italics

Pack 1-
123- Jean Segura. His team had a great surge, then their lack of winning any games plummeted them to the bottom of the division. Ha.
200- Mike Trout. Sadly, not as good as Bryce Harper.
2- Gary Carter. I know it pains me to say something bad about a Hall of Famer, but he's a bit overrated in terms of catchers.
77- Tony Cingrani. Don't know 'im.
1983 All Stars of George Brett, which is pretty awesome.
60- ROBBIE! Robinson Cano! One of the best second basemen in the game right now. I hope we hang onto him.
127- David Price. So...something nice about him. Uh...he's right? Sorry, I'm not used to saying something other than the Happy Gilmore line.
164- Dan Uggla. Another really good second baseman.
17- Hanley Ramirez. WOW! Both marlins rookies from 2006 back to back. That's awesome.
112- Kris Medlen. Was a lot better last year
176- Jose Altuve. Just mentioning that he's on the Astros is an insult in itself.
105- Mike Moustakas. To be fair, his Royals team is doing pretty well.
26- Jayson Werth. Not as good as he was with the Phillies
83- Jim Johnson. Not as good as he was last year.
65- Paul Konerko. I'm glad he's been so consistent for the White Sox.
146- Eddie Murray. One of the Orioles' best hitters.
167- Rod Carew. Another awesome Hall of Famer.
21- Adrian Beltre. Hmmm...I have to say something good about, I can't do it.

Pack 2-
57- Todd Frazier. He's yet to really determine his own staying power
105- Mike Moustakas. He's not as good as Hosmer and Butler
153- David Ortiz. One of the best DHs of all time.
24- Ben Zobrist. He's better than people give him credit for.
1983 All Star of Nolan Ryan. Jeez, Topps. Can't you at least step up the collation?
84- Coco Crisp. I absolutely love his name.
121- Ian Kennedy. It's hard to say something good about a guy who was just given a mondo suspension for a brawl, but he was good last year
161- Anthony Rizzo. The one guy on the Cubs who's doing things correctly
42- Mariano Rivera. Greatest closer of all time. AND Topps gave him his card number, 42. Which is awesome
(The rest of this pack is all doubles. And it infuriates me so. So if anyone needs a Gary Carter, Tony Cingrani, Paul Molitor, Kyle Seager, Doug Fister, Robinson Cano, David Price, Dan Uggla or Hanley Ramirez, please take these doubles out of my hands.)

Pack 3- (none of these are doubles)
88- Derek Holland, with a weird mustache
102- Matt Moore, who's been pitching well
169- Pedro Alvarez
25- Dexter Fowler, finally having a great season
Chris Sale Tall Boy mini
108- Austin Jackson, who's cooled down since his huge season last year
174- Ike Davis, who's inconsistent as the wind
7- Jon Jay. Oh, a Cardinal
55- CC Sabathia, one of the Yankees' best pitchers, and who I still think was robbed in the 2010 AL Cy Young race.
96- Edwin Encarnacion, who's hitting well
106- Tim Lincecum. The hell happened to this guy?
165- Stephen Strasburg, who suddenly stopped pitching really well this year.
27- Manny Machado RC, which is awesome
73- Aroldis Chapman, a dominating closer.
139- Matt Holliday
196- Johnny Cueto
13- Ryan Zimmerman. Remember when HE was the biggest star on the Nats? Like, in 2009?
87- AJ Burnett, who's done well for Pittsburgh.

Those were some alright packs. Wish there weren't as many doubles, though.

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