Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Didi Edition

Look at those Diamondbacks go! No, really. I mean it this time. After all those times I've hyped up the Diamondbacks, they're still in (or circling) first. They have a young team in the place of all those stars they gave up. One of those youngsters was cobbled from a trade with the Reds.

Didi Gregorius was probably let go because the Reds had Billy Hamilton on deck, and he evidently held the 'speedy middle infielder' category. Because he's certainly played in an MLB game.

Didi has been smoking it up for the D-Backs, giving some much-needed speed to a roster that's all about bats (See: Goldschmidt, Paul and Hill, Aaron). Sometimes Didi even gives a much-needed run or two in between his speed on the paths.

So please, believe me when I tell you that Arizona's for real in this season's race for the top. Didi will attest to that.

Coming Tomorrow- Four years ago he was the best pitcher in the AL. Now he's struggling to retain his title while stuck on a middling NL team.

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  1. Love the combo of Didi then Goldy in the lineup. This team is very fun to watch.