Saturday, June 1, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Lincecum Edition

To coincide with that amazing Tim Lincecum custom, let's talk about last month. I know, it was only a day ago, but it needs to be talked about, because I'm doing these every month.

In May, I predicted 5 things would happen. Let's see if they did:

1. Granderson to come off the DL and start hitting like crazy again. Well, he did...for a week or so, anyway, until he got womped back onto the DL again.
2. Matt Moore to just chill down a little bit. This one hasn't really happened, but him and Masterson still have 8 wins.
3. The Dodgers to start getting good again.
4. The Royals to stay exactly where they are. This hasn't happened. The Royals are in last now.
5. Justin Verlander to be as hot as Anibal Sanchez and Rick Porcello are. Verlander has more wins, but less strikeouts than Sanchez, and is bested in both categories by Max Scherzer. He's getting there.

Now, 5 things that surprised me during the Month of May.
1. The Indians' awesome run. Like, mid-month these guys were going absolutely crazy, pitching well, hitting well, and playing great baseball (and sweeping the Phillies). Of course, now they're tied with Detroit for first, so it's sorta gone down a bit, but they're still in it.
2. Jason Grilli, the most surprising successful closer since Fernando Rodney last season. Grilli has been throwing consistently well in the ninth for the Pirates, a much-deserved season after a career of bit parts.
3. Look at those Diamondbacks go! Not only is the pitching awesome, but the lineup featuring young stars like Paul Goldschmidt, AJ Pollock, Didi Gregorious and more have been playing incredibly well, and ruling the NL West. Will they keep it up? Well, since the Rockies couldn't, you never know.
4. Domonic Brown. Ladies and gentlemen, as someone who has been waiting so long for success from this guy, I am happy to report that Domonic Brown is leading the NL in home runs, and giving the Phillies the bat they deserve. And this is a guy I thought was just gonna die in the minors after his first few seasons. Now he's playing so well. He must keep it up.
5. Granderson being sidelined within a week of his return.

And 5 things that didn't surprise me at all last month.
1. The Cardinals pitchers stayed the exact same level as in April. Yeah, people talk about how awesome they are, however they neglect to mention that they WERE that awesome last month. And they probably will be next month.
2. Jose Valverde returned to dominating in Detroit. Because what, were they gonna sign Brian Wilson?
3. Slumping Phillies. After three years, we all kinda saw this coming.
4. The Marlins and Astros continue to stay at the very bottom. Imagine if they have to play each other. That'll be something.
5. Miguel Cabrera is playing beautifully. This is always kinda bound to happen. However, he's currently leading in RBI and Batting Average. Now if only Chris Davis would let him have that May Triple Crown.

And finally, 5 things that I want to happen in June.
1. Granderson, Teixeira and Youkilis to all come back and start hitting...and maybe stick around for a while.
2. The Cardinals pitching to be exactly where it is right now in 30 days.
3. Both LA teams to start playing well.
4. The rest of the Philly lineup to start hitting well again.
5. The Yankees not to be mercilessly swept by any mediocre teams, like the Mets.

So that's May for ya. Bring on June.

Coming Tomorrow- A Mariners pitcher that is not Felix Hernandez who is pitching well.

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