Sunday, October 12, 2014

Football Predictions: Week Six

Sorry I've been away for most of the week, but being a college student is busy as hell. Long story.

Bottom line is I'm back, hopefully for good. And this week feels like the right week to be back into predicting. A lot of really nice match ups this week. Might as well get right into them, as nobody reads this paragraph anyway.

Jaguars vs. Titans:
Who Should Win: Titans, as they have the better record. This matchup is between two teams who aren't doing too well, as the Jags are 0-5, and the Titans aren't doing much better. However, the Titans have a few things the Jaguars don't. For instance- one win, a quarterback that isn't god-awful, and one or two receivers that are good and aren't rookies. Saying that the Titans have a more polished team than the Jaguars is not saying much at all, but the Titans have the shot going in.
Who Will Win: Titans. I only include the 'who will win' column because in a lot of match ups, the team that is projected via standings to win is not as good as the team that will likely win. Well, here this column s just used to basically say the same shit as the last column. Master Bortles, I bid thee the best of luck.
Overall: Titans over Jags. Likely to be low-scoring.

I rarely ever use captions, but check out the cameraman's expression. 

Ravens vs. Buccaneers:
Who Should Win: Ravens. Meanwhile, in the AFC North, the Ravens are having something that very nearly resembles a comeback season. I say very nearly because the division is so close together that it's kind of hard to say that anyone's having a comeback season. The Ravens are 3-2, and doing pretty well, especially given the circumstances that their best receiver got ousted. Meanwhile, the Bucs are 1-4. Kind of surprising that Mike Glennon still has his job.
Who Will Win: Ravens. This isn't too shocking, as the Ravens are indeed the better team, even if the Bucs have people like Vincent Jackson and Doug Martin to at least do some good things. I say this because if they had a better roster, the Bucs would be doing better this season. They have some good elements, but the crap elements keep overtaking them. Meanwhile, Joe Flacco and the Ravens (as the TV ads are no doubt referring to them as) will have no trouble steamrolling over them.
Overall: Ravens over Bucs.

Broncos vs. Jets:
Who Should Win: Broncos. I was with a Jets fan yesterday, and a friend of mine asked him a question that Jets fans are no doubt used to hearing at this point: "D'you think they'll wait til the end of the season to fire Rex Ryan?' Yep, it's one of those kind of seasons for the Jets. Their only win was against the Oakland Raiders, who have already done the right thing and left their coach stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with nothing but John Madden's autobiography. Meanwhile, here they are, going up against the Denver Broncos, who are, despite the loss, still one of the best teams in the NFL. Now the question will likely be 'Will Rex Ryan survive the entire game?'
Who Will Win: Broncos. It's not simply because the Jets suck, although that does factor into it. It's because the Broncos had a colossal week last week, and Peyton Manning sees no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Plus, the receivers and defense are way more tested than the ones in Metlife. Put it this way: the outcome that you think is going to happen is likely going to happen.
Overall: Broncos over Jets. Brace yourself, Rex Ryan.

Lions vs. Vikings:
Who Should Win: Lions. Like usual this point in the season, the NFC North is a little jammed. Two teams in the front, two in the back, not too much middle ground. The Lions are currently driving the bus, and judging by the fact that the other team driving the bus will likely be steamrolling through Miami today, they will likely be sharing the steering wheel next week as well. Judging by the standings, it looks like the Lions are the favorite, which is not to count out the Vikings, who are definitely in it if they keep playing Bridgewater.
Who Will Win: Lions. This game could be incredibly close, and there is a chance that the Vikings could take it. However, I'm betting on the fact that the Lions, who have been red hot so far, will continue to be as good as they've been. Matt Stafford has never looked this good. This guy was a wimp five seasons ago. And now he's one of the better QBs in the league. Look for him to have an even bigger game today if all goes well.
Overall: Lions over Vikes.

Patriots vs. Bills:
Who Should Win: Patriots. This matchup could be one of the biggest stories of the day. The Pats are fighting for the lead in the AFC East, and they're fighting with the underdog Buffalo Bills. Most of the people writing the predictions are going to say that the Patriots will win, because Brady this and Gronkowski that, and Belichik this, and Manuel's a sophomore, and blah blah blah. HOWEVER...
Who Will Win: Bills. I believe that the Bills will take down the Patriots today. Why? Because Tom Brady might not be QBing for New England. If they bring in Jimmy Garappolo against the Bills, then the Patriots will lose. Garappolo is like a wimpier version of Matt Cassel, and that's saying something. Plus, the Bills have been winning more and more underdog match ups, so who's to say they can't win this one. It would offset the balance of power in the NFL. And I so badly want the Pats to lose.
Overall: Bills over Pats.

Panthers vs. Bengals:
Who Should Win: Bengals. The Bengals have had an unbelievable start, and the Panthers have...had an okay start. I really don't know what's up with them. They'll win some games, and Newton's apparently not playing well. I don't really don't know. The Panthers are an enigma to me. The Bengals are looking really good this year, and are likely going to dominate today.
Who Will Win: Bengals. Not much to say that hasn't been said in the last paragraph.
Overall: Bengals over Panthers.

Steelers vs. Browns:
Who Should Win: Steelers. Two of the bottom-ish teams in the division square off. The Steelers have been winning a few games, but still are lacking in a lot of the stuff that made them great earlier in the decade. The Browns are...alright, though they have a lot of work to do. Statistically speaking, the Steelers should take it.
Who Will Win: Steelers. I'm not gonna be bold and predict the Browns, because I honestly don't think they're going to win. The Steelers have a surging Roethlisberger, which is nice, because I was just beginning to count him out. The Browns just keep using Hoyer when they should just be putting in Johnny Football, so he can screw up some more. But yeah, Steelers are likely going to win.
Overall: Steelers over Browns.

Packers vs. Dolphins:
Who Should Win: Packers. This matchup could be handled very quickly, however I'm going to handle it very diplomatically. You see, the Packers have been winning a lot of very big match ups lately, especially huge division match ups, against Minnesota and Chicago. They would be ahead of the division if the Lions hadn't schooled them a few weeks ago. The Dolphins, on the other hand, are playing pretty poorly. Tannehill is probably not the answer for QB, and they can't think of a better one.
Who Will Win: Packers. It's not because the Dolphins are outmatched. I feel like they're going to try very hard today, but the Packers will be trying harder. Rodgers is gonna have a great game, etc.
Overall: Packers over Dolphins.

Chargers vs. Raiders:
I'm sorry, but do I even need to predict this one?
No, I didn't think so. Sorry, dad.
Overall: Chargers over Raiders.

Bears vs. Falcons:
Who Should Win: Bears. Stats-wise, the Bears should take this one, as they're still tight in their division, and they have won some nice-sized match ups. The Falcons are a little weak this season, even if they do have a lot of the right materials.
Who Will Win: Falcons. Now, you may call me crazy for calling this one, but please remember- I really don't want the Bears to win. The Lions are already enough of a problem in the NFC North. If I have to deal with Lions AND Bears (OH MY!), I would be a bit more nervous. So I think it would be nice for me, as a Packers fan, if the Bears got their asses kicked by Matt Ryan.
Overall: Falcons over Bears.

Cowboys vs. Seahawks:
Who Should Win: Seahawks. If this season had gone according to plan, I would be a lot more confident in this matchup. I would just be saying 'Cowboys suck, Jerry Jones is a loser, ha ha, go Seahawks', and calling it a day. But nope, the Cowboys have decided that they want to be good at football this year, and the Seahawks have decided to lose some games right off the bat, just so they seem human. So this game may be very tough to call, because either outcome is possible. In terms of who should win, it's obvious- Seahawks will be predicted to win everywhere.
Who Will Win: Seahawks. This game will be very, very close. Russell Wilson and Tony Romo will be trading barbs, and Lynch and Murray will be scoring a ton of touchdowns. It will come down to the last few minutes of the game. Maybe even overtime. I just see the Hawks taking it.
Overall: Hawks over Cowboys.

Redskins vs. Cardinals:
Who Should Win: Looking at the Stats, this should be easy to call. The Cardinals came out to a huge lead, which surprised everybody. The Redskins dropped like a brick, which surprised nobody.
Who Will Win: Cardinals. Even if Drew Stanton is probable, it looks like the Cardinals have this one, because RG3 still isn't playing like he was in 2012, and not even Pierre Garcon alone can save this team, as much as he'd like that.
Overall: Cards over 'The Team Formerly Known as the Redskins'.

Giants vs. Eagles:
Who Should Win: Eagles.
Who Will Win: Eagles. Please don't let me look like a pompous asshole on this one.
Overall: Eagles over Giants.

MONDAY NIGHT: 49ers vs. Rams: (I'll fill this in later)

Well, those are my predictions. Let's see how it all turns out.

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