Friday, October 3, 2014

Thursday Night In Review

The Orioles had a huge night last night, knocking back the Tigers and having a huge 8-run inning near the end, sparked by home runs from Nelson Cruz and the Jedi Knight at the top of the post. JJ Hardy has become one of the strongest Orioles, especially in a year without Matt Wieters. As of right now, the O's are losing, but hopefully they'll bounce back and take the series.

Meanwhile, this guy had a huge night last night, hitting a crucial 11th inning home run, and sealing a victory over the first-seeded Angels, which was huge, especially for someone like Moose who hadn't made too much of an impact this year. Tonight they play the Angels for the lead, and hopefully it'll be another close game.

Also tonight, the NL Matchups begin, which could be pretty huge for both sides. Go Dodgers and Nationals.

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