Saturday, October 4, 2014

Friday Night in Review

How about the Baltimore Orioles, guys. In two games, they have been going wild on the Tigers, considered to be one of the best teams in baseball.

It's happened the same way both times- the bullpen, including former Yankee phenom and current Hagar the Horrible lookalike Joba Chamberlain, is not able to hold the team down during the 7th and 8th. It happened (in a huge way) Thursday night, and it happened again last night, with Delmon Young (wow, the Rookie Class of 2007 was well-represented in this game) having some huge hits to seal the win.

They have today off, but once they get to Detroit, things are going to be huge. After all, if they win, the whole damn thing will be over, and the Tigers will be out...which is a very nice thought if you're rooting for Baltimore.

Meanwhile, the Giants had a very close game that was won by some nice bullpen work, and by some young players getting back home very quickly. Joe Panik, for instance, made some big plays last night. Panik is only supposed to be filling in for Marco Scutaro this year, however judging by the last few months, it looks like he may be sticking around.

That's not to say the Giants have this absolutely wrapped up, though.

This guy also hit a home run last night, along with Bryce Harper. So while the Giants are working with singles and RBIs, the Nats are playing for power. Tonight, chances are we're going to see some of that power in a larger scale. I still think the Nats are the better team, and I don't want them to be screwed this postseason.

Speaking of getting screwed, I do not want the Dodgers to lose this series. Because if they lose, then the Cardinals will inexplicably wind up back in the NLCS, and potentially get back to the World Series, and potentially win again. This would not be good for me, seeing as I really don't like the Cardinals, even without David Freese. They're just infuriating, and last night was no different.

Matt Carpenter just kept beating up Clayton Kershaw, and driving in hits and home runs all over the place. I felt sorry for Kershaw.

The game ended with a 10-9 victory, and it stung a little bit. I want the Dodgers to fight back next game.

How about this guy?

Man, the Angels-Royals game was so boring up to the 11th, when Hosmer had a huge home run to break it all up, and from there it was basically over. I'm so happy for the Royals, who've had three postseason victories in a row, and are in position to sweep when they get back home. This is great news for them, because they deserved this season.

I'll be back with an update after the games.

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  1. I was at Friday's game and posted about it, but I'll say it here, too. Camden Yards was the most electric I have ever seen it. It was an amazing feeling.