Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Hanger Box of 2017 Topps Update

I broke the rack packs over the weekend, and never got around to the hanger box. Well, on the day of the beginning of the WORLD SERIES...let's dig into this thing..

32-Luis Torrens, one of the Padres' rule-5 callups that...sank quickly.
149- James Pazos
267- Jhoulys Chacin, who had a better season as the ace of a pitiful Padres team.
255- Stefan Chrichton
283- Adam Eaton. I imagine he'll be fantastic with the Nats in a full season next year, though he'll be turning 30 next season...which is kind of alarming.
284- Peter Bourjos
6- Ramon Torres. Again, thanks to the early print date, ton of rookies that didn't really factor into this season.
142- Tsu-Wei Lin
219- Paul DeJong, finally a relevant rookie from 2017.
13- Brian McCann, finally someone playing in the World Series this year.
34- Nelson Cruz ASG
A bunch of duplicates from Saturday's.
38- Cody Bellinger ASG
Postseason Celebrations of the Royals
Postseason Celebrations of the Mets. 2015 WS theme with those inserts.
84- Michael Brantley AS. A shame he still can't stay healthy.
44- Cubs CL
145- Dillon Overton
222- Jose Ramirez AS
18- Mookie Betts AS
291- Andrew Miller AS. I'll give credit, once again, for whoever's been doing the AS photo selection for this set. I kinda hope it's the same person who was doing it a few years ago.
166- Aaron Judge AS. And, as an added bonus, more Judge.
241- Ryon Healy RD
175- Jose Altuve AS. Soon to be a World Series hero?
137- Daniel Hudson
154- Franklin Gutierrez. Okay, a Dodger...but one that's not really on the team anymore.
148- Judge and Bird combo. Nice.
299- Charlie Blackmon HRD
67- Avisáil Garcia AS
265- Eric Young Jr., who had a nice little season standing in for Mike Trout
23- Derek Holland, a testament to the awfulness of the White Sox rotation
40- Pat Neshek as a Phillie. Well, at least this exists.
122- Darvish and Aoki combo
79- Nick Goody
68- Jered Weaver, in his last card, as a Padre.
242- Mike Hauschild
263- Brian Duensing
190- Brad Goldberg
229- Tyson Ross, who was...alright this year. Not great.
165- Boone Logan
155- Votto and Hamilton combo
202- Kenley Jansen AS, there's one for the Series
70- Josh Reddick AS, there's ANOTHER one for the Series..
61- Matt Szczur
4 dupes from the rack packs
121- Daniel Murphy ASG GOLD #D TO 2017
Topps Salute of Anthony Rizzo
270- ....DON MATTINGLY VARIATION SP. That is pretty nice, especially after the Gehrig one I pulled this weekend. Great photo, too.
Untouchables of Warren Spahn
297- Two Astros rookies combo.
278- Rajai Davis on the A's...cept he's on the Red Sox now...
111- Conforto and Flores combo
147- Rays rookies
195- Fernando Rodney. Glad he had a nice enough season in Phoenix.
150- Alex Bregman RD
157- Corey Dickerson AS
114- Pat Neshek AS. Cool, now I've got both of them.
207- Kurt Suzuki
100- CHRIS SALE. Okay, at least they actually made a card of him as a Red Sock. That I'm fine with.
117- Neftali Feliz
300- Cody Bellinger HRD
191- Corey Knebel AS
99- Aaron Judge RD. Okay then.
116- Tyler Glasnow RD
270- Gary Sanchez AS. At least this pack wasn't short on Yankees.
180- Mike Moustakas HRD

So...that was definitely something. Still not in love with the set, but it has its moments.

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