Friday, August 10, 2018

Anyone Can Pitch: Carlos Gomez

Onto another edition of our sub-series showcasing the drastic measures when position-players have to take the mound. This time, we examine Carlos Gomez' recent pitching appearance for the Rays, a team which he hasn't been having the greatest time with, at least compared to his numbers with Milwaukee, and...even Texas, to be honest.

In a game against the Orioles on July 27th, 2018, in which Austin Pruitt had given up 6 runs to the Orioles, Carlos Gomez was brought in during the eighth inning...which would probably end up being the Rays' last inning on the mound. He got one batter out, which is a start, but...Gomez allowed four walks, three earned runs, and four strikes in 21 pitches, ending with a 81.00 ERA. Which makes his batting numbers look good this year.

Interestingly enough, he was relieved by another position player; backup catcher Jesus Sucre, who was making his second pitching appearance of the year, managed to finish the inning, and end with an 18.00 ERA...not MUCH better, but still an improvement.

Gomez' pitching appearance could have been a lot worse, but...his amount of walks doesn't make this one of the best uses of a position player on the mound, now does it?

I'll have another one of these up next week. Expect a home run hitter on a fairly depleted team.

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