Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2 Badly Collated Rack-Packs of 2012 Topps Update

The more packs I rip from Topps, the more I question why exactly I'm doing so. True, the product is great, but with collation like what you're about to witness, collectors could switch to the competitor in a blink.

I love Topps Update, usually. I think the idea of players in new uniforms fascinates me, but in recent years the set has become overblown with rookies, players I've never heard of, and All-Stars that are not Matt Weiters. But I still collect, because it still has that new feeling to me.

Let's witness together some of the worst collation I've seen since...well, that pack of 2012 Archives from April.

Pack 1-
113- Scott Elbert
93- Chris Iannetta. I got this card in my first packs of Update
156- Troy Patton. As well as this one.
309- Chris Heisey. And this one.
\287- Dan Wheeler. This one too.
208- Tyler Moore. Don't think I have this one.
286- JA Happ. This one I do have.
199- Nate Schierholtz. Missed out on a ring just to play for Philly. Kinda sad.
193- Henry Blanco GOLD #'D TO 2012. Of course, since this product is peppered with gold. It's like Goldmember's wardrobe, for God's sakes.
Al Kaline Golden Moments
Blockbusters of Bruce Sutter going to the Cardinals. Why does everyone hate this insert idea? I think it's great. Matter of fact, if you don't like them, then send them to me and I'll complete the set, so you don't have to.
131- Mitchell Boggs. Finally, someone I don't have...that's good.
116- Chris Denorfia
40- Jose Bautista HRD.
145- Joey Devine
44- Jeremy Hermida. My gosh, he's still playing?
284- RA Dickey AS. Very nice.
279- Ryan Cook AS
186- Jason Hammel
191- Bobby Abreu. Most likely retiring after this season. If not, he will soon. Great player, but no Hall of Famer.
108- Kameron Loe
140- Brian Duensing
63- Gerald Laird
297- Hunter Pence. Have a few copies already
109- Starling Marte. Same thing
229-  Quintin Berry. GRRRRRRRRRDOUBLES
271- John Jaso GOLD #'D TO 2012
250- Cristhian Martinez. Apparently the person who named him had a hairlip
7- Joe Mauer AS. Very nice.
175- Tim Byrdak
306- Joe Wieland RC
326- Gio Gonzalez AS. Might have this one
308- Jay Bruce AS
283- Elvis Andrus AS
209- Yasmani Grandal Rookie Debut, which is a pretty nice one.

Pack 2 (and here, folks, is where it gets ugly)-
244- Matt Downs
252- Chad Gaudin
243- Brandon Inge (good so far...)
203- Fernando Rodney, one of the best closers in the AL.
92- Chone Figgins. Cannot hit for crap.
199- Nate Schierholtz. Here come the doubles
57- Hanley Ramirez. Have it.
100- Ryan Dempster. Have it.
253- Ryan Webb SHINY CARD
1987 mini of Ian Kennedy. I love these, too. Any unwanted minis should also be sent my way, I guess. But the Blockbusters first and foremost.
John Smoltz Golden Greats. Topps did not do very well with inserts, but at least did well with insert checklists. Smoltzie is a good choice for a greats set.
Code Card. Do I even bleeping bother?
Willie Stargell coin. Good, but IT'S NOT A FREAKING CARD!
314- Eric O'Flaherty. Good, cards I don't have.
52- Clayton Kershaw AS
241- Curtis Granderson AS. Very nice.
268- Craig Kimbrel AS
143- Jose Veras
135- Clay Hensley
and now...here comes the double hurricane
63- Gerald Laird
113- Scott Elbert
93- Chris Iannetta
156- Troy Patton
309- Chris Heisey
287- Dan Wheeler
229- Quintin Berry
208- Tyler Moore
286- JA Happ
(that was brutal)
321- Jason Bourgeois GOLD #'D TO 2012. Well, there's always that
116- Chris Denorfia (d'oh!)
323- Fernando Abad. There's ONE CARD I don't have! ONE CARD!
145- Joey Devine
44- Jeremy Hermida
284- RA Dickey
279- Ryan Cook
(grrr...although at least we end the pack with 2 non-doubles):
80- Jered Weaver AS
200- Chris Perez AS. Not even his happy beard can brighten these packs.

So there. If anybody needs any of the doubles already listed, or if you want to give up any Blockbusters of 87 minis, shoot me an email. Very mad at Topps right now, though this madness will probably last until I open another pack of their stuff, and pull something awesome.

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