Monday, November 26, 2012

Birthday Packs of Topps Gypsy Queen

I turned 17 today. Please don't make too big of a deal out of it. It's not like 40, where people shower you with false praise. I'm simply moving my way up, and slowly getting over, in private while I can.

In honor of the momentous occasion, my folks decided to throw along with the big present (good tickets to a 2013 Orioles game, because Yanks and Phils tix were a bit too outrageous) 5 packs of my 2nd favorite product of the year, besides Archives: Gypsy Queen. It's a well designed set, with a nice array of retired stars along with the current ones, and some great inserts, some of which will appear on the upcoming 100 Greatest Insert Sets of All Time countdown. It's a great set to just rip packs of, which is why I got some today.

Pack 1-
229- Ty Cobb. Got it
226- Johnny Bench. Got it.
170- Cliff Lee. Got it
49- Adrian Beltre. Got it.
119- Justin Morneau mini
Hallmark Heroes of Sandy Koufax. Might have it.

Pack 2-
200- Felix Hernandez. WOO! A card I don't have!
234- Carlton Fisk. Awesome.
254- Brooks Robinson.
269- Willie Stargell. Might have it.
Future Stars of Derek Holland. Nice.

Pack 3-
199- Casey Kotchman. Topps: WHY ARE YOU STILL MAKING CARDS OF HIM? The ship sailed on Kotchman long ago, right around the Teixiera deal.
72- Ryan Dempster
183- Heath Bell, now on the D-Backs. Allergic to Miami
86- Jhoulys Chacin
243- Catfish Hunter mini. I'd say he was a better A than a Yankee, but suit yourself
220- Joey Votto.

 Pack 4-
112- Neil Walker, a member of the low-hitting Pirates
292- Delmon Young. You think he, Tim Beckham and Luke Hochevar go out for drinks often?
121- Scott Baker
127- Drew Pomeranz
319- Hanley Ramirez mini. Now happily sitting in LA.
Moonshots of Jose Bautista. Again...steroids.

Pack 5-
295- Doc Gooden. Very nice one, Topps
182- Buster Posey. Nice, the MVP in the same pack as a great pitcher
150- CC Sabathia. Scuse me. 2 great pitchers
53- Angel Pagan BLACK MINI
Moonshots of Mike "GIANCARLO" Stanton.

Well, those are the packs. Not a bad job. I still love the set, though.

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