Monday, November 19, 2012

2 Rack Packs of Topps Update

Two crappily collated rack packs of a product cannot deter me away from buying more of the product. What can I say, at least I'm consistent.

Pack 1-
249- Angel Pagan, a star this postseason.
251- Kyle McClellan
60- Edwin Jackson. Needs to pick a ninth team. Octavio Dotel ain't going anywhere.
54- Wow, we received two parts of the Granderson deal in the same pack!
104- Yasmani Grandal. Sighhh...
257- Jose Quintana
65- Derek Norris. Sadly, cannot swim through land.
55- Austin Kearns...AW, SERIOUSLY? GOLD #'D TO 2012. Nothing against gold, I just kinda hate Kearns. I have no idea why.
Golden Moments of Matt Kemp.
Blockbusters of Gary Carter. I don't think I have this one. The set-building continues.
120- Robinson Cano...SHORT PRINT! HE'S IN A SUIT!
That means the two SP gimmicks I have are of a Yankee and Bryce Harper.
305- David Price, your AL Cy Young award winner. He is also wrong, bitch.
316- Ryan Theriot, with an impeccable taste for Championships
73- Joel Peralta.
117- Chris Resop
134- Ramon Ramirez. Was traded for Angel Pagan. Is probably feeling sorry about now.
42- YOENIS CESPEDES Rookie Debut. I like this guy.
182- Pablo Sandoval AS
97- Shelley Duncan, engineered to be a Yankee CF, then released when they met Curtis Granderson
215- Brian Bogusevic. One of the best cards of the year.
324- Jamey Wright, who is on his tenth team. COME ON, EDWIN! YOUR COMPETITION IS THIS GUY!
253- Ryan Webb
45- Eric Chavez. Coulda been a Hall of Famer. Is a Yankee. With the exchange, it works out.
127- Josh Harrison
328- Geovany Soto. Never should have won Rookie of the Year.
99- Chris Johnson
321- David Carpenter
322- Ricky Nolasco GOLD #'D TO 2012
328- Shawn Camp
170- Jerry Hairston. On his ninth team. EDWIN, WHY ARE YOU TIED WITH THIS CLOWN?
294- Sergio Santos. The sole glimmer of hope within the Blue Jays pitching staff
118- David Freese, one of my least favorite players
110- Robinson Cano HRD
173- Jose Bautista AS. Thankfully had a lesser season than 2011 and 2010.
120- Robinson Cano AS. A CANO HOT-PACK
70- Will Middlebrooks RC. Nice.

Pack 2-
121- Johnny Damon. I don't care if this guy gets 0.1% on the Hall of Fame ballot. He was a great player to me.
105- Mat Latos.
155- Franklin Morales
56- Matt Diaz
159- Ben Sheets. Glad he finally ended his career with dignity
171- Rhiner Cruz
232- Andrelton Simmons.
270- Luis Ayala SHINY GOLD
Mike Trout 87 mini. I still love these
CODE CARD: Let's see what card I don't get:
52- Clayton Kershaw AS
269- Drew Hutchison. Great. Doubles.
228- Aaron Cunningham
124- Brad Peacock, acquired in the Gio Gonzalez deal
64- Matt Moore. Waaaait...his MLB Debut was LAST year...that's cheating
311- Dan Uggla AS
259- Carlos Gonzalez HRD
48- Asdrubal Cabrera AS
244- Matt Downs
252- Chad Gaudin
243- Brandon Inge. Great. More doubles.
203- Fernando Rodney
92- Chone Figgins, who suddenly cannot hit
115- Jason Propane Elainei
57- Hanley Ramirez
100- Ryan Dempster
293- Shane Victorino. I don't think I have this one
304- Brandon Morrow GOLD #'D TO 2012
232- Fernando Abad
314- Eric O'Flaherty
80- Jered Weaver
200- Chris Perez
241- Curtis Granderson AS. Where was he in the Coke-Jackson party a pack ago?
268- Craig Kimbrel AS
143- Jose Veras
135- Clay Hensley

That's it. Some pretty nice packs, though I still have not landed that Harper. 

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