Tuesday, November 27, 2012



Earlier this month, I said that I'd be enraged if anybody got busted for steroids in 2013.

It's not even 2013 yet. Hell, it wasn't even a full month later. And nevertheless, I'M ENRAGED. Especially considering it's a player on one of my favorite teams, who had a great season this year.

Chooch...you know, you really had me there. That was a terrific season. I thought you actually pulled it off. And then today, everybody found out you'd taken amphetamines, which is basically steroids only using a longer word. Just what I needed. First Galvis, now Chooch. You're really killing me.

I mean, you could say it's not so bad since it technically isn't steroids. Bartolo Colon took testosterone, and he still got the MLB-version of a whipping. And HE still got re-signed! 

It's bad enough when somebody you respect gets outed as a substance abuser. It's worse when it's someone you admire. And this kills me. Not as much as A-Rod, but still deadly.

Even worse, he's not even TRYING to appeal it. He's saying "I'll face the suspension and get back to what I do best." So, I admire that he's owning up to it, but you're a member of the Phillies! You're not supposed to fail THAT easily! Even Ryan Braun had the balls to lie about his steroid use, or lack thereof, and THAT worked!

So yeah...not very happy right now. There better not be ONE MORE PERSON to get caught taking banned substances this year. Give me THREE DAYS...JUST THREE DAYS without ANYTHING. PLEASE!

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