Friday, November 2, 2012

Angels: What are you doing?!?!?


I mean, of all teams to be randomly auctioning off players, I never would have expected one who actually needed some of them.

The Angels in 2012 had an incredibly strong rotation, of Weaver, Haren, Wilson, Greinke and Santana. Now 3/5ths of it are still standing, and you never know where Greinke's going. Santana is aiming for a renaissance in Kansas City, while Haren has been sent to No Man's Land (the North Side of Chicago). And why? Because Anaheim feels they need to build a stronger selling the parts that made it strong in the first place.

It doesn't make sense. The pitching staff made the Angels good as of late, and now they're trading them away. That's backwards to me, and it's a bit ridiculous. And Haren was having a decent season too. 

And the pitching staff isn't the only area being messed with. I hear that they're in talks to trade Torii Hunter to the Yankees (probably for some prospects that will indeed bite us in the ass 3 years later).

First of all, no we do not need Torii Hunter, at least not at this age. Second of all, WHY ARE YOU GIVING ALL OF THESE PEOPLE UP? 

It's not like they all failed miserably for you. They helped your team do as well as they could. Your plan should not be to trade everybody that WASN'T Mike Trout or Albert Pujols or Jered Weaver. Trade the people that weren't doing their jobs last season. Which means the decision to trade Ervin Santana was a bit more understood than the one to give the Cubs somebody who pitched well this season.

Also, I really don't want Torii Hunter. He is indeed a fun player, but he might be too old to perform for us. We do need a bat, but one a bit younger.

So, to sum up: The Angels cannot just trade everybody away that wasn't superior, and that won't help them in the future because they were simply okay this season. Because pretty soon, the season will come, and a picked-dry Angels team will not do well against rejuvenated Rangers and A's squads.

That's it from me for tonight. If they send Torii Hunter to the Bronx, however, you're getting another rant, and you're gonna like it.

UPDATE: Well, at least they listened to me and curtailed the Haren trade, though he's still a free agent. Okay, that's fine. But don't let the Yankees get Torii Hunter. 

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