Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Verlander doesn't repeat; Dickey scores

This was the one I saw coming. RA Dickey damn well deserved his Cy Young award, despite how his team did, and despite the fact that he's a knuckler. He pitched beautifully this season, and probably won't be this good again. 

This one was a little less predictable. You see...everybody kinda thought Justin Verlander would take this one. I'm not saying I'm unhappy that Price won it, but Verlander was slightly more dominant. Price had an amazing season, but Verlander had a better strikeouts season. So, yes, the Price is indeed wrong, bitch.

Wait...what am I saying? I argued AGAINST strikeouts two years ago with King Felix vs. Sabathia. I should be pleased with this!

But I woulda been happy either way. Both are great pitchers.

Next up are the MVPs. If Posey and Cabrera don't win 'em, the world is flawed. 

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