Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chicle Crazy, or, I still haven't finished it yet!

I am 108 cards short of finishing up National Chicle (Most of the cards are Rookies, Legends and Short Prints, but so what). I snagged a few Target packs today, let's see what they hold.

106- Todd Helton. Have it.
66- Johan Santana. NEED IT!
26- Rick Porcello. NEED IT!
30- Michael Cuddyer. Have it.
245- Whitey Ford. NEED IT, AND IT'S A YANKEE!!!
198- Michael Saunders. Have it.

191- Chase Utley. NEED IT!
146- Scott Feldman. Have it.
101- Torii Hunter. Have it.
61- Gordon Beckham. Have it.
213- Paul Molitor. Got it.

252- Duke Snider. Have it.
237- Thurman Munso. Have it.
240- Cy Young- NEED IT!
286- George Sisler on the Cardinals- NEED IT!
208- Luis Aparicio
243- Stan Musial.

I will spare you the details of Pack 4, since it was all doubles. I'll be posting a Chicle wantlist sooner or later, so I won't give up this quest.

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