Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Custom Card of the Day- Adrian Edition

Over in the NL West, it's pretty much opposite of our expectations. The Dodgers are failing, the Giants are hot, the Rockies are okay and the D-Backs...well, they're pretty much where we thought they would be. But no one would predict the Padres this season. Feuled by a little star power and a lot of power, they've been the biggest surprise of the year.

The guy above...he's never a surprise. He's a big, strong hitter whose frequent hit destination is out of the park. He's basically the core, the main reason why the Padres did what they did this summer. And he's an all star pretty much every year now, whether on the roster or no, so defense isn't that bad either for Adrian.

Still, with his help the Padres went places this summer. Of course, with the help of Philadelphia, they'll go somewhere else- back home.

Coming Tomorrow- Another lone star on a good team, this one on a team not as good. Last year's AL Rookie of the Year Andrew Bailey will be tomorrow.

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