Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Captain's Orders

I realized quite recently that I hadn't posted a Derek Jeter custom this year, along with a lot of other big stars. Nevertheless, as I just made a bunch of obvious ones in Photoshop, the rest of this week will be "DUH! Week", as you might see other big stars I forgot to customize. Like Stars that are having a tremendous season, stars that I still love even though no longer a Yankee, and, of course, a few Phillies.

Jeter, it's no doubt that he's my favorite player. I mean, to be a hyped superstar that not only lived up to the hype, but one upped it. He's probably going to be a first ballot hall of famer, unless of course a few Red Sox fans are casting blank votes.

Matter of fact, when I was in Williamsport, one of the players in the Challenger league game that I witnessed, I heard that her favorite player was Lance Berkman, and her favorite team was the Yankees. The fact was that she loved Berkman so much, she wanted to root for any team she was on. And when he got traded, she would not just root for a Berkmanless Astros.

I'm saying this because if and when Jeter gets traded, I'll still root for him as a player, because my favorite team will always be the Yankees. But if Jeter is no longer one, I will root for him alone, not the team he's on...unless he's traded to Philly.

Tomorrow- Waddaya mean Joey Votto's having an MVP season? I GOTTA make a custom of dat guy!

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