Sunday, September 19, 2010

Custom Card of the Day- Pronk Edition

I realized quite recently that I hadn't posted an Indian all year, and the only one I attempted to post was right before my Febuary hiatus. I promised Grady. He got hurt.

Of course, Hafner's doing Okay. He's not dragging Cleveland to the playoffs like a guy carrying a truck. using his body strength. And he's not having a monster season (You think that if anyone was having a great season in Cleveland, would they be in the same place they are now?). But he's still playing the game. And this week, I'm pretty much knocking off teams who haven't had a custom made yet. I just did Bailey, and with Pronk there's a team I don't have to worry about.

Tomorrow- Even though I already did one from the Nationals, Ryan Zimmerman is on the way.

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