Thursday, September 23, 2010


Yeah, I know. A Swisher custom is LOOOOONG overdue, being that his awesomeness in the outfield has held on for months now. The Yanks are 10 games into 1st place, and this guy is basically the reason.

He hits! He throws! He catches! He scores! He's amazing. It's weird that this guy was so trashed before he came to the Yanks, and now he's an All Star, and a Yankee favorite. So a big time team made a zero a superstar. Just like the Phillies did to Jayson Werth.

Coming Tomorrow- A Philly player who doesn't get much playing time, doesn't really have solid position, and most people don't even know he's on the Phillies. But he's still a former all star and big hitter. Mike Sweeney gets a custom tomorrow.

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