Sunday, July 1, 2012

2012 Archives: Good Heavens, a Well Collated Pack!

Well I'll be!

I  picked up a pack of Topps Archives today at Tarjay. I was still discouraged over last week's absolute abomination, so I bought it on a whim. I saw Stephen Strasburg's head peeking out of the wrapper, and that was a decent sign. Just wait, I thought, the rest of the pack will either be doubles or 1987 Bip Roberts short prints.

But then, here's what was in there. Absolutely no doubles. I mean it. All cards I needed for the set, plus one insert, a very good one at that.

Here's the results:

151- Stephen Strasburg. All Star #1.
19- Brandon Beachy. Was hurt last week, and kinda ruined his chances of making the game.
68- Drew Storen. A very good reliever.
121- Heath Bell. Another very good reliever. Now why is he absoutely tanking this year?
100- Miguel Cabrera. All Star #2
140- Buster Posey. All Star #3. Should have been a reserve.
186- Brian Wilson. Got hurt. A shame. This guy is fun to watch. Especially when he performs with the Beach Boys.
8- Matt Moore. Hello obligatory decent Rays pitcher rookie.
65- Jordan Zimmerman. Another decent Nats pitcher.
105- Torii Hunter. Deserves more credit than he gets.
Carl Yastrzemski Deckle Edge. A very good insert to get. Besides, who doesn't love Yaz. I'm a Yankee fan, and I still respect him. Still, if any rabid Boston fans want this card more, shoot me an offer.
104- Yovanni Gallardo.
155- Ichiro. Why isn't he on the All Star Team?
50- Albert Pujols. Ah, I see why he isn't.

So all of those cards, minus the Yaz, I need for the set. It's terrific. It really is.

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