Friday, July 20, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Quentin Edition


This design is one of my favorite Topps designs ever. When I first saw it as a kid, I thought it was a cool set, similar to the 1982 football release. I still love it, to this day. I think I've made a 1981 custom with every team. Here are the only exceptions, which you'll probably be seeing soon.

  • Astros. This is obvious, because they don't have too many amazing players, sad to say. Maybe if there's a prospect that comes up and amazes everyone, I'll do one of him.
  • A's. Another team that doesn't have many good players. They have a lot of rookies this year. I could do a Jarrod Parker or a Ryan Cook. Or I might fall back on Kurt Suzuki.
  • Braves. This a is a shocker. I've done a million Braves customs, especially of their prospects, but not an 81? This blows my mind. I'll probably do one of these soon.
  • Marlins. It's an expansion team, so no sweat. I have a lot to choose from, anyway, since I've only done Reyes and Buehrle. I have a Giancarlo Stanton on the workbench, so maybe a Bonifacio or a LoMo?
  • Mets. Another shocker, since, in my opinion, I've been leaning toward the Mets a lot lately. A lot of my family are Mets fans, and while I'm not a fan, I can still respect them. That being said, they don't have much other than the big guns. I guess I could do one of the younger ones, like a Dillon Gee or an Ike Davis.
  • Nationals. I could try this one, being that an Expos one would be a little too obvious. Like with the Marlins, I have a lot to choose from, but their big guns have already been customized this year.
  • Pirates. I kinda need to do more Pirates now that they're in the lead, so this would be a wise idea. Not too many stars, however. A Joel Hanrahan or a Neil Walker wouldn't hurt.
  • Royals. Aside from Hosmer, Moustakas one else, there isn't much star power. Of course, I could do a Billy Butler, eventually.
  • Tigers. Another shocker, seeing as how many of them I made last year. Several options, though I don't know which one I'll do, since I did most of their starters last year. 
  • White Sox. I have done too many Sox customs lately, and this one might wait awhile. But I have a lot of options.
 So 10 teams have yet to be customized in the 1981 design. Of course, they might not all be done this year.

Coming Tomorrow- Oh no! 7/12 me is out of customs! Have to make more. One might be a Giancarlo Stanton. 

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