Friday, July 13, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Andrus Edition


You ain't nothin' but a shortstop
Just playing third base
You ain't nothin' but a shortstop 
Whose team is in 1st place
You ain't never had a ring, but you spray Pujols with Mace.

Crappy Elvis jokes aside, Andrus is a pretty good player. I can definitely see why he earned the All Star nod, and he's pretty speedy as well. Some bloggers may complain the card is too cropped, but the running shot couldn't fit, and I had to make poor Elvis an amputee. 

I respect the guy's efforts, and I hope he continues to make more All Star Games. 

EDIT- Yeah, now you tell me. I know he's a shortstop, I just was making this custom for the All Star Game, and that's where he was playing. I know I messed up. It happens. At least this time it didn't involve Melky Cabrera.

Coming Tomorrow- One I've been saving for a while- a former AL central holdover whose team is doing alright in the West. 


  1. You've been so good to make Dodgers customs for me...Ethier?? Another Kemp? Have you tried 1985 Topps before? Love 84 topps too...

  2. Currently on vacation, but I'll probably do an Ethier when I get back. And if the rumors are true, and if Cole Hamels is headed your way, I'll customize him as well.