Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Oswalt Edition


This is the first 1990 Topps custom I've ever made. I just wanted to start with that.

This man perplexes me. I feel like he only pitches well when he's in Texas. He has some good seasons in the 2000s for the Astros, despite injuries toward the end of it. And then he gets traded to the Phils, and does absolutely nothing for us. He tries here and there, but at the end of the day he was the third of the Philly 3, and the fourth of the Philly 4. 

Of course, then he comes back to Texas and starts pitching well again. Is this a theme?

Is this like with Carl Pavano, where he basically got sick the moment he put on pinstripes? Similar to Javier Vazquez. It's like taking a fish out of a big bowl, and moving it into one the EXACT SAME SIZE, and it weakens...and you throw it back in the old one and he's just fine. It makes no sense!

But who am I to try and make sense of the whole thing? I'm not Ron Washington.

Coming Tomorrow- He didn't make the All Star Team, and it's for good reason...this man from the Archway is slowly becoming one of my least favorite players. 

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  1. He hasn't really pitched that well, he just had a good offense in his 2nd game. He got shelled tonight.