Thursday, July 26, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Howard Edition


See? SEE? The Phils are getting their stuff together! Look at the last couple games, they've ended in walkoffs! Granted, it's still an aging team, and they need to get their asses out of last, but they've got the materials. 

Howard and Utley are back, and they're hitting. Not as well as they should, but they can still hit the ball, unlike a certain recently acquired Japanese outfielder for the Yanks. 

Add those two to Pence and Chooch, and you've got a solid buncha hitters. All they need to do is step up the defense, get the rest of the lineup to hit, and not keep in Papelbon for too long.

But again, these are the tired ramblings of a hopeless Philly fan, who's more interested in the Yankees. Move along.

Coming Tomorrow- A midwestern second baseman, who's always been a Mint Condition favorite.

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