Monday, July 23, 2012

To Ich His Own


Would you believe me if I said I didn't see this coming at all?

Ichiro Suzuki, as long as I can remember, has been one of baseball's biggest stars. He's a big deal, and everyone knows it. Another thing that everyone knows is that his ten year hitting record and consistency will likely land him in the Hall of Fame before any other Japanese player. 

And that's a big honking deal.


And then, while readying customs at home for the first time in a week, I hear he's batting eighth for my team tonight.

Isn't that the wackiest thing ever?

Possibly one of the best personalities in the game, and one of the biggest stars of the last decade, is now a New York Yankee. I couldn't be more surprised.

Ichiro has been Seattle's Golden boy for twelve seasons now, and I realize how shocking it is for them, as well as for us. 

It's Ichiro, man! 

Ichiro IS Seattle. 

There's nobody else, not even King Felix, that can compare to Ichiro. 

I know that team is in last place, and I know that team hasn't seen October since they won more games than anyone else, but at least they could have held onto him, just for the fans sake.

Seattle must be pissed at us now. First we steal Pineda and ruin him arm, and now we steal their biggest star, possibly ever. They will likely send an angry mob down to the Bronx and complain.

Unless they wanna watch the game. They're more than welcome to see a game played in weather other than rain.

The bottom line- am I happy to see Ichiro Suzuki playing right field? You bet your ass. Am I happy that Brian Cashman actually made a decent move this July? You bet your ass. Could this team resemble the Titanic any more? No. 

Will I make a custom of him by the end of the week? You know me.