Thursday, July 12, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Chooch Edition


I never really gave the Phillies' catcher all that respect for a while. Now that he did a nice job in the All Star Game, I finally landed a good custom of him. But this disrespect I speak of stems back to his rookie season.

Even in 2007, when he was brought up, I thought the Phillies catcher was still Mike Lieberthal. When corrected, I then guessed Rod Barajas, and finally Chris Coste. 

In 2008, I saw his Topps card looked exactly the same as the one from the year before. I refused to put him into my Phillies binder.

In 2009, 2010, and 2011, despite the fact that he was still playing, and now the once and future starter, I still refused to acknowledge his existence. 

Of course, this year, he's been hitting well, and holding one of the best Batting Averages in the league. So I guess I was wrong. 

And that never happens. Not even with posts about Melky Cabrera.

Coming Tomorrow- Ever since Michael Young got injured (ba-dum)
He played in the All Star Game (ba-dum)
And all you'll hear about him is the guy that shares his name
(He's feeling so lonely, I take it.)

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