Monday, July 9, 2012

A Blasterful of Topps Archives (yes, more)

I doubt that I can get enough of this set. I have a National Chicle vibe from it, that may last me most of the summer if not some of the fall. Of course, I still haven't completed Chicle, and I need to. But Archives is a fun set, one that I'm definitely collecting. And yes, that means maybe eventually landing the Bryce Harper one of these days.

Today I bought a blaster. Last week I got an entire pack without doubles. The week before I got an entire pack of doubles. You can guess which week I'm hoping to repeat. Just for fun, I'll count if we have more doubles or more All Stars in these packs.

Pack 1-
1- Matt Kemp. Will be hitting tonight. Good thing, too.
59- Hunter Pence. Still the best hitter on the team, but a far cry from where he was last year.
112- Todd Helton. Is this guy a Hall of Famer? I kinda hope so.
161- Chase Utley. So glad he's back.
212- Andy Van Slyke SHORT PRINT. This guy was fun to watch.
97- Brett Lawrie. Would be a bigger star had Mike Trout not had his huge year this season.
147- Justin Masterson. Somehow among Cleveland's best pitchers.
194- Gary Carter. Interesting, putting him in a 84 design the year before he actually joins the Mets. Though he's best known as a Met, he was most tenured with the 'Spos.

Pack 2-
16- Yunel Escobar. Kinda hoped the other Toronto shortstop would get a card.
51- ROY HALLADAY! Hoping for a strong return.
116- Alex Avila. Currently suffering from Geovany Soto syndrome.
167- Michael Pineda. Ooh, I really hope this man actually dons pinstripes someday. He's too good to be a flameout.
Justin Verlander Heads Up insert. Dunno what to do with these. All Star #1
35- Zack Greinke. Will likely be traded, sadly.
85- Matt Holliday. Has become the Cardinals big star, which is nice.
137- Jason Heyward. Needs to come back.

Pack 3-
36- Martin Prado. First Yunel, then J-Hey, now Marteeeen? Is his a Braves hot box?
95- Yoenis Cespedes. Aha. The 3rd most requested rookie card of the set. Glad to have it.
119- Yu Darvish. And now the second. What a pitcher. All Star #2
198- Casey Kotchman. Topps-STOP MAKING CARDS OF THIS GUY! HE IS NO GOOD! He is only good for being traded FOR people!
A Fan Favorites insert of Roberto Clemente! Nice!
179- Michael Bourn. MOOOORE BRAAAVES! All Star #3
10- Ryan Braun, the Hebrew Hammer. Have sorta forgiven him for last year's steroid use. All Star #4
70- Joey Votto. Probably will win the MVP this year. All Star #5. That's four All Stars in one pack.

Pack 4-
31- Joe Morgan. Wow. That's a nice one.
81- Adrian Beltre, Mr. Overrated. All Star #6
133- Mark Trumbo. Has a lot of potential. All Star #7
182- Ian Kennedy. Why did we give him up?
A CC Sabathia Topps 3D insert. Very, very cool.
123- Ryan Vogelsong. What a story.
173- Daniel Hudson.
11- Curtis Granderson, one of my favorite players. All Star #8

Pack 5-
23- Chris Young. Not the pitcher, the awesome outfielder.
72- Ian Kinsler. Yeah, he got the All Star nod, but it wasn't a starting one! All Star #9.
124- Brandon Phillips. Should have been an All Star.
156- Ubaldo Jimenez GOLD CARD! Nice, but if I got it 2 years earlier I'd be happier.
210- Sandy Koufax SHORT PRINT! And a nice one, at that. Koufax is awesome.
58- Tommy Hanson. Double #1. Still, at least it took us 5 packs.
111- John Axford. Double #2.
162- Jayson Werth. Double #3.

Pack 6-
170- Justin Upton. Nice player.
30- Jacoby Ellisbury. It took us six packs to get a Red Sock. Topps is doing something right.
64- Derek Holland. What happened to him? He had a hell of a first quarter.
115- Gio Gonzalez. Among several battling to be Washington's ace. Jeez, they should make it a reality show. All Star #10
Andrew McCutchen cloth sticker. Very nice.  All Star #11
2- Nick Swisher. Double #4. Sad, too.
52- Geovany Soto. Double #5.
102- Dee Gordon. Double #6.

Pack 7-
6- Paul Goldschmidt. Has a nice season going.
55- Jesus Montero. Now the fourth-biggest rookie of the year. Wish he was playing for us.
John Kruk 1982 IN ACTION! Wow, these are 1:32. Glad I pulled one, and that it's a Phillie.
Eddie Murray Fan Favorite Insert. Very nice.
152- Johnny Cueto. Double #7.
18- Tom Seaver, Double #8. A shame.
67- Justin Verlander. Double #9, All Star #12. Yeah, it counts.
Dummy plug for Topps' crappy iPhone app.

Pack 8-
106- Alex Gordon.
157- Carlos Gonzalez. All Star #13.
39- Jackie Robinson. Very nice.
89- LOU GEHRIG! Jackie and Lou in the same pack. Wow.
George Brett Cloth Sticker. Is this a Hall of Fame pack or what?
118- Desmond Jennings. Double #10.
169- Michael Morse. Double #11.
42- Aroldis Chapman. Double #12, All Star #14. Oh yes.

So the All Stars win, and this was a truly great box.

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