Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Custom Card of the Day: Cueto Edition


Johnny Cueto is an awesome pitcher than should have been an All Star. Enough about that.

You see that watermark in the center of the card. That's the number one reason why you don't see this set customized often. Because the watermark gets in the way of the design. This is a pain in the but, especially considering the fact that I love this set. 

But it's not the only set that's hard to customize. Here are a few others:

  • 1983 design. The watermark also has a hand in this. I love the set, but the watermark keeps me from doing too much. Although there will be one of these on the blog in a few days.
  • 1985 design. More watermark issues, but it isn't really a big loss.
  • 1969 design. It's hard for me because the team name on the bottom is hard to cut out.
  • 1967 design. Same as 69. The black text is also kinda hard. Never liked this design.
  • 1970 design. The white lettering up top is hard to cut around. 
  • 1991 and 1992 designs. Oh, the border is so tedious. I spend about 20-30 minutes on customizing whenever I have to do one of these. It's pretty agonizing.
  • 1989 design. I've always done these, but as of late I've stopped. The swerved name doesn't always look right when squeezed into the banner.
  • 1995 design. I can never find the right font, and it's hard to weave through the patchwork image.
  • 1998 design. How the hell do you recreate that? Seriously. If anyone knows how, please share the secret. 
  • 1984 design. I love this one, but it usually takes a little longer than most, due to the second headshot. I do it all the time, but it's a little difficult.
  • 1988 design. Again...how do you recreate that? Topps has tried, and THEY can't even get it right! It's really weird!
Coming Tomorrow- His brother has had a terrible season. Good thing he's prospering in Oakland.

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