Friday, August 16, 2013

A Blasterful of 2013 Topps Archives: Awful Collation, Awesome Hit

After Topps' inability to release their football cards when I want them to put a wrench in my schedule, I decided to get a few packs of Score Football, which you saw yesterday. I also felt like getting a box of Archives, because I loved the set, and because I needed a chance to fill out the set.

As you'll find out, there were a lot of cards I already had before, but there was a silver lining, which you'll see in a few packs.

Pack 1-
103- Mike Minor and his thin beard.
182- Andre Ethier, who isn't having the greatest season.
35- Adam Dunn, strikeout king.
74- Miguel Montero.
83 All Star insert of Giancarlo Stanton, the sole reason to go to Marlins games.
86- Jackie Robinson, always nice to pull.
142- Willie Stargell, whose card looks great.
175- Yogi Berra, a great Yankee legend.

# of base cards I needed: 2.
# of doubles: 5.

Pack 2-
195- Dave Winfield, another Yankee great.
10- Matt Kemp. I think I might need this one, but I'm not sure.
71- Darwin Barney
4-card insert of Gwynn, Boggs, Ripken and Sandberg.
63- David Freese. Grrr...
134- Wei-Yin Chen
198- Jason Heyward.
48- Ryne Sandberg. Not sure if I have this one either.

#of base cards I needed: 0
# of base cards I don't know if I need or not: 2
# of doubles: 5.

Pack 3-
191- Mark Teixeira
43- Starling Marte.
80- Jered Weaver, who my Yankees battered a few days ago.
135- Adam Wainwright.
149- Hisashi Iwakuma
186- Brett Lawrie
6- Adrian Gonzalez

# of base cards I needed: 0
# of short prints I needed: 1
# of doubles: 7.

Pack 4-
8- Roy Halladay. Not sure if I have this one or not, but I probably do.
75- CJ Wilson
118- Brandon Belt
A Tallboy mini of Kevin Mitchell, which is pretty nice.
108- Austin Jackson.
174- Ike Davis. Those last two are questionable.
7- Jon Jay
55- My 1,000,000th copy of CC Sabathia's card. RRRRRR!

# of base cards I needed: 0
# of base cards I think I need but probably don't: 3
# of doubles: 4.

Pack 5-
58- Cole Hamels. Not sure, but looks kinda new.
107- Kendrys Morales
180- Buster Posey, another questionable.
83 All Stars of Jim Rice, which is a cool one.
139- Matt Holliday, another one I don't know
196- Johnny Cueto
13- Ryan Zimmerman
87- AJ Burnett.

# of base cards I needed: 0
# of base cards I think I need but probably don't: 4.
# of doubles: 3.

Pack 6-
163- Hyun-Jin Ryu. I have this one, but still, it's a Ryu rookie.
15- Michael Morse.
Okay...this is an amazing hit, and there's no way I can do this justice.
This is 1960 design relic of ANDREW MCCUTCHEN! I mean...this is as good as the Greinke I pulled out of Sweet Spot a few years ago. It's a nice card, and it's of a player who is KILLING IT right now. This is awesome.
171- Jay Bruce. Wow, a card I need.
48- Alcides Escobar. Another card I need!
73- Aroldis Chapman.

# of base cards I needed: 2
# of doubles: 3.
# of awesome relics: 1.

Pack 7-
172- Freddie Freeman. Nice. I needed this one.
36- Wade Miley. Ditto this one.
76- Fernando Rodney...and this one.
116- Billy Butler. This is turning out to be a really good pack.
237- Sid Fernandez Short Print. WOW! To top it off, a short print I needed.
69- Cool, an Eddie Mathews!
129- Madison Bumgarner, another great current pitcher.

# of base cards I needed: 7
# of short prints I needed: 1
# of doubles: 0.

Pack 8-
38- Hey, it's DEREK JETER!
131- Salvador Perez??? Not a great way to follow those two,
A Tallboy mini of Cal Ripken. Better
30- YUUUUUUUU Darvish!
51- Carlos Gonzalez
148- Dustin Pedroia
178- Giancarlo Stanton. Another great pack.

# of base cards I needed: 7
# of doubles: 0.

Well, barring the initial doublefest, it was an okay box, complete with an awesome hit. Still, not as good as Panini Football.

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