Sunday, August 25, 2013

Football Rip for the Masses: 2013 Panini Elite

I thought it was over. I thought I was done ripping packs for this gigantic contesty thing, and I thought that I could just take everything that wasn't claimed and live a long and prosperous life.

However, my mysterious contact thought otherwise.

My contact, on Tuesday of last week, informed me that he/she had two more boxes for me. They were both 2013 products, and they were both Panini products, since the contact heard that I loved the Panini box.

The first of these boxes was a box of Donruss/Panini Elite, however I received it in packs form, instead of encased in the box. The reason for this being my contact had to carry these boxes through the tightest of situations, and had to eliminate the box entirely, throwing the packs into his/her briefcase. However, said briefcase was nearly mauled by a crocodile (so I hear), robbing the box of a few packs, so we are left with 19 packs, which isn't the roundest number, but there is still definite potential.

This is another 'big mojo hit' box, as game useds and parallels are abound, as well as a pretty nice base set. So let's dive in-

Pack 1-
Base Cards- Tom Brady, Steve Smith, Steven Jackson and Hakeem Nicks.
I really like the base set, I think it's a minimalistic version of a lot of the old Donruss Elite sets, plus it echoes a 90's-ish look. Also, the photography is nice, and I love the use of throwbacks.
Also, we got a tremendous hit in this pack, though it's not one I'm proud of...
That is a Tony Romo Status die-cut parallel. And it is numbered to 49, which is one of the better numbered cards I've pulled. Remember, I'm an Eagles fan, and I absolutely despise Romo. So imagine someone like me...pulling THIS. I am not amused.
Pack 2-
Base Cards- Antonio Brown, Alfred Morris, Marshawn Lynch, Jamaal Charles.
Also, I got another parallel in this...
And it's another fricking Cowboy. I am dead serious, this isn't funny. How the hell did the Eagles fan get all the damn Cowboys?? This one is numbered to 199, and it's of Joseph Randle.
Pack 3-
Base Cards- Jimmy Graham, Matt Forte, Ray Rice, Matthew Stafford. Two people that have Super Bowl rings, and two people who will probably never get Super Bowl rings.
Also, I got another parallel.
Thankfully, this one isn't a Cowboy. It is, however, Darius Slay of the Colts. Numbered to 999. It's a shame that Panini is taking the Topps route and gimmicking the rookies in this set.
Pack 4-
Base Cards- Michael Vick, DeMarco Murray, Frank Gore, BenJarvis Green-Ellis, Chris Givens. No inserts, but a card of the unfortunate Eagles starting QB is sort of an insert. In that it should only be in certain packs.
Pack 5-
Base Cards- Vick Ballard, Patrick Peterson, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Doug Martin. Those last three cards alone should make this a great pack, but I also landed the box's first game used.
This is a Stepfan Taylor New Breed game used relic card. While I have never heard of Stepfan Taylor, I will say that it's a nice sized swatch, and it's numbered to 399, which is nice.
Pack 6-
Base Cards- Brandon Marshall, Arian Foster, Ryan Tannehill and Ben Roethlisberger
I also pulled an insert...
This is a Passing the Torch insert of Warrick Dunn, a Bucs 'legend'. I forgot to show, but Doug Martin is on the back, hence the name.
Pack 7-
Base Cards- Eli Manning, Reggie Wayne, Michael Crabtree and AJ Green.
I also got a gimmicked rookie card of Stedman Bailey, numbered to 899. In my book, when someone has the same first name as Oprah's boyfriend, it's never a good sign.
Pack 8-
Base Cards- Vernon Davis, Maurice Jones-Drew, Matt Ryan, Jake Locker and Brian Hartline.
Also, this pack held my second and final (?) game used, and it was marginally better.
That is an instant impact game used of Denard Robinson, numbered to 399. All I know is that this guy made the cover of NCAA 2014, so that has to mean something.
Pack 9-
Base Cards- RG3, Greg Jennings, Tony Romo, Tamba Hali. Out of everyone on this pack, I current only have respect for RG3. Jennings could have picked ANY OTHER TEAM...
Our first autograph of the box is a sticker, unfortunately, but it's of Jarvis Jones, the 17th overall pick, and a member of the Steelers. Numbered to 299, and it's a pretty nice one. Do all the hits have to be of teams I don't like?
Pack 10-
Base Cards- Steve Johnson, Denarius Moore, Dez Bryant, Torrey Smith, and Mark Sanchez. No inserts, but Sanchez is disappointing enough.
Pack 11-
Base Cards- Josh Gordon, Phillip Rivers, Andrew Luck, Larry Fitzgerald.
I got another numbered card in this one. In my opinion, it's better than the Romo.
I mean, not in numbering, as it's a 1/83, but it's a player I don't hate from a team I actually feel for. Denarius Moore isn't too bad, either.
Pack 12-
Base Cards- Jay Cutler, LeSean McCoy, Randall Cobb and Kenny Britt
Also, I got an insert
This is a Zoning Commission insert of Marshawn Lynch, which is not a bad one. I also like this insert because it's full bleed, and the photo pops.
Pack 13-
Base Cards- Demaryius Thomas, Russell Wilson, Mike Wallace and CJ Spiller.
Also, I got what is possibly my favorite numbered card of the box, not for its player, but for how effing cool it looks.
This is a Hard Hats insert of Kerwynn Williams of the Colts, numbered to 299. I love this card because not only is it a die cut, and not only is it numbered, but this is a transparent card. See? In this picture, it looks like it blends in with my carpet. It's pretty cool.
Pack 14-
Base Cards- Cecil Shorts, Julio Jones, Bilal Powell and Josh Freeman.
I also pulled my second auto, and...oh gosh it's just sad...
I MEAN...WHY? JUST WHY? What did I deserve to get a THIRD mojo Cowboys hit in the box, another Joseph Randle, this one numbered to 299 and sticker autographed. I don't understand it. Did my contact know? Did this person want to play a cruel trick on me? It's not funny at all. Really.
Pack 15-
Base Cards- Mark Ingram, Andy Dalton, Jonathan Dwyer, Dwayne Bowe, Joe Flacco. All nice cards, and nice too, cause there's no insert
Pack 16-
Rob Gronkowski, Calvin Johnson, DAVID WILSON APPEARANCE AAAHHHHH, and Brandon Weeden.
I also pulled a much nicer insert.
SHADY! Glad to see someone I actually tolerate make an appearance. This is a Primary Colors insert of LeSean McCoy, and It's great to actually get an Eagle, albeit a non-numbered, non-mojo one. Still, as much as I'd like this for my own PC (heh), I am leaving it up to the masses, if they desire it.
Pack 17-
Base Cards- DeAngelo Williams, Jeremy Maclin, Peyton Manning, Daryl Richardson and James Jones. All good, because no inserts.
Pack 18-
Base Cards- Pierre Garcon, Adrian Peterson, Cam Newton, Willis McGahee and Sidney Rice. Another insert-less pack.
Pack 19 (last one)-
Base Cards- Darren McFadden, Jason Witten, Justin Blackmon and Roddy White
And I got one last numbered card...
A gimmicked rookie of eventual Broncos one-year backup Brock Osweiler Zac Dysert, numbered to 899. Not the worst one to pull.
So, as much as I love the set, and as much as I enjoyed getting these hits, I have to say that this was the absolute worst box for an Eagles fan. Steelers and Cowboys and Colts stuff right and left. Like, at least I got a Shady insert at the end there.
Again, if there's anything in this box that you want to have, make your voice heard in the comments. Tomorrow we bust the final box, of 2013 Panini Momentum. And yes, I assure you, it's less infuriating. I think.


  1. That shoulda been my box with all the cowboys. You know, if I bought a box of football cards.

    1. If you had bought one, you would have gotten a Matt Barkley game used, a Shady McCoy numbered, a Desean Jackson numbered, and a single Jason Witten insert. And then it would all make sense.

  2. Another NFC focused box. Interesting. I'll take the Bengals and the R. Cobb card!