Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Panini Football vs. Topps Football, Part One: Panini/Score

I know, fair readers, you guys are all football-carded out, but I figured that I'd show some cards of that, barring any trades, I'm keeping. You know, the old fashioned way.

The thing is that, though the Giveaway was nice and all, I still needed a taste of general flagship cards, stuff that was worth money not because of its relicness, but because of its basicness. And I had been looking for Topps Football for a week or so. Today, I was at Target, and found a blasterful.

A blasterful.

Like, there were no packs left, there were no hanger boxes, and there was a single blaster left on that shelf. So, naturally, I scooped it up. And because I was willing to match it with a company I had been talking up SO DAMN MUCH in the past week, I got two more rack packs of Panini. Today, I am opening the Panini.

I'm probably just gonna rate each product at the end of each rip, so the love will most likely be going Panini's way. Just saying.

Pack 1:
66- Ronnie Hilman. Not too many guys named Ronnie anymore. Like, probably just him and the guy from Whodunnit. And yes, I realize that I'm the only blogger out there who actually watched that show. It was fun.
218- Fred Davis. Another name you rarely see anymore.
64- Willis McGahee. Currently a free agent, I think.
91- Vick Ballard. Should have been Foles Ballard. Frigging Kelly.
167- Antonio Brown. Those old throwbacks aren't getting any prettier. Would have preferred the Gotham Rogues wear those
19- Dennis Pitta.
142- Andre Brown
81- Jermichael Finley (boy, a few doubles)
46- Geno Atkins
21- CJ Spiller.
154- Darren McFadden. A shame his team's destined for last again.
49- Greg Little. Same as McFadden.
200- Josh Freeman, who is both #200 and #250 in this set. Somebody at Panini must really like Josh Freeman.
194- Sidney Rice, now being joined by former teammate Percy Harvin
100- Paul Posluszny
149- Jeremy Kerley
31- Jonathan Stewart. Currently on leave. Jonathan Oliver will start for him.
238- Christian Ponder AIRMAIL. Have it.
251- Jake Locker AIRMAIL. Have it.
332- Aaron Mellette Rookie. Have it.
377- Okay, it's one I don't have. Johnathan Franklin Star Rookie
298- RG3 The Franchise
275- Tony Romo The Franchise. WHY THE HELL DO I KEEP PULLING ROMO??? GAAHH!
199- Patrick Peterson Future Franchise
305- Andy Dalton Future Franchise. FUTURE? Like, he's pretty much the face of the franchise NOW. Unless the Montgomery-Burns-esque owner is the face of the franchise currently.
261- Road to the Super Bowl Ray Lewis. Have it.
92- Dwayne Allen
168- Lawrence Timmons
40- Andy Dalton. Funny, we were just talking about you...
143- Jason Pierre-Paul, who, even at live premieres celebrating his team's success, still looks like he's about to kill someone. Great guy, though...
20- Ed Reed. Shown as a Raven. Credited as a Texan. Yet, somehow, I prefer this to the crappy photoshopping at Topps.
187- Michael Crabtree
123- Tom Brady. Five years ago this season was the big year where Brady only played one game, and Matt Cassell had to take over. And somehow, Matt Cassell in 2008 beats Tim Tebow in 2013.
50- Trent Richardson. KILLED for my fantasy team last year. Glad I had him.
201- Vincent Jackson. Great shot by Panini.
195- Golden Tate
101- Chad Henne, who should be done by now. But no. Still goin.
150- Antonio Cromartie, who evidently still exists. Somebody tell Topps.
32- Greg Olsen.
179- Philip Rivers. According to the pattern, because his team faces Philly in their first home game, Rivers will earn his first ring this year. According to common sense, faaaaat chance.
6- Patrick Peterson, who sounds like either a Marvel comics supporting character or a Family Guy supporting character.
118- Jarius Wright.
242- Mark Sanchez. Now, I like to joke around about Tony Romo, and I like to say he sucks at life, and he's a horrible QB. Yet when I think of the worst QB in the league, I almost automatically think Sanchez. The man had so much potential, and now look what he's doing. Poor guy.
250- Josh Freeman. Have it.
433- Tyler Eifert Star Rookie
366- Ezekiel Ansah Star Rookie
269- Ray Rice The Franchise
278- Aaron Rodgers The Franchise. Damn right.
325- Ryan Mathews Future Franchise
317- Rob Gronkowski Future Franchise
259- Dennis Pitta Road to the Super Bowl.

Pack 2-
76- James Jones.
39- Lance Briggs. Appropriate enough to follow a Packer with a Bear.
43- Mohamed Sanu
160- Jeremy Maclin. Nice to finally get an Eagle. Sadly, a lot of dinged edges in this pack.
84- Arian Foster. Gets a star status without really performing well. Dare I call it Romoesque.
57- DeMarco Murray.
190- Vernon Davis. I love this shot.
126- Stevan Ridley
69- Calvin Johnson Jr. Is he...he isn't trying to do a Cal Ripken Jr. kinda thing. What's next, Calvin Johnson Sr. becomes head coach?
172- Sam Bradford
53- D'Qwell Jackson
204- Kevin Ogletree
198- Percy Harvin, in Seahawks border but still in a Vikings uni.
104- Anthony Fasano
209- Kendall Wright
110- Mike Wallace.
182- Vincent Brown
237- Airmail Ryan Tannehill
248- Airmail of Colin Kaepernick
399- Margus Hunt Star Rookie
36- Marquise Goodwin Hot Rookies
281- Maurice Jones-Drew The Franchise
274-Trent Richardson The Franchise. Really? Not Future Franchise? Okay.
316- Christian Ponder Future Franchise. And yet a two year vet gets Future Franchise while a former rookie star gets Franchise. Nobody other than maybe RG3 or Wilson can pull that off. It's like your mom dating a guy younger than you are.
329- Kendall Wright
260- Ed Dickson Road to the Super Bowl. Have it. End of the dinged cards.
85- Owen Daniels
58- Jason Witten. Oh, goody, another Cowboy.
191- Anquan Boldin, with 49ers banner.
127- Shane Vereen. Not to be confused with the former Featured Player. I bet nobody reading got that joke.
70- Ryan Broyles
35- Brandon Marshall, who can't seem to stay in one place.
135- Jimmy Graham. Only somebody as crazy as Graham could work in New Orleans.
205- Ronde Barber
199- Richard Sherman
105- Tony Moeaki
210- Nate Washington
111- Lamar Miller
207- Jake Locker. Hm, the Titans must really like him.
10- Steven Jackson
122- Jared Allen
25- Scott Chandler
240- Drew Brees AIRMAIL
246- Sam Bradford AIRMAIL
390- Khaseem Greene Star Rookie
395- Oh good, a rookie I've heard of. Manti Te'o Star Rookie, which is a nice one to pull. Hope he actually gets some playing time.
268- Matt Ryan The Franchise
290- SHADY MCCOY The Franchise. Yeah, pretty much
320- Stephen Hill Future Franchise
328- Doug Martin Future Franchise
255- Torrey Smith Road to the Super Bowl

So, that was Panini. I love this set, and I love how simple at is, but the quality issues and dings nick a few points off the score. Overall, it gets an A-, but I still love it.

Tomorrow, I unveil the Topps. Yes, you're getting a lot of football from me this week.


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