Friday, August 23, 2013

Football Rip for the Masses: 2012 Topps Football

Old News.

That's what 2012 Topps Football is in August of 2013. Way, way, way WAY old news. Like, there are rookies in this set that are already working at Burger King by now. Also, the crappy giveaway site already expired.

So we're going through some pretty old stuff, but still, there's a chance to get a nice hit, plus some cool inserts. Since I'm guessing you all have seen the base cards, I won't go into too much detail, though I will highlight the inserts and nice pulls.

Pack One-
Notable Base Cards- Cam Newton, LeSean McCoy
Insert- Andrew Luck/Jim Plunkett Paramount Pairs.

Pack Two-
Notable Base Cards- Michael Vick, Toby Gerhardt
Inserts- Crummy Giveaway Card, Jared Allen Tallboy
Pack Three-
Notable Base Cards- Ryan Fitzpatrick
Insert- Sonny Jurgenson QB Immortals. Also, we landed our big hit. And it's a good one...

Yep, that is indeed a Matt Ryan Game Used Jersey card. And yes, I pulled this out of a hobby box of Topps. No gimmicked rookie, no player I've never heard of, no bullcrap redemption. Just a nice swatch of a really, really good player. And I'm content with that.
Pack 4-
Notable Base Cards- Bryan Orakpo.
Inserts- Mario Manningham Tallboy, Marques Colston/Pierre Thomas Paramount Pairs
Pack 5-
Notable Base Cards- Ray Rice,
Insert- Len Dawson QB Immortals
Pack 6-
Notable Base Cards- Maurice Jones Drew, Terrell Suggs, Luke Keuchly Rookie
Inserts- Terrell Suggs Tallboy, Luck/RG3 Paramount Pairs.
Pack 7-
Notable Base Cards- Mario Manningham
Insert- Sonny Jurgenson Reprint
Pack 8-
Notable Base Cards- Curtis Lofton, Peyton Hillis, John Skelton, a few more shown below
Insert- Peyton Hillis Unnamed Insert
This pack also contained the two hottest non-Luck rookies of the year, Doug Martin and Robert Griffin III.
Pack 9-
Notable Base Cards- Ryan Tannehill rookie
Inserts- AJ Green Unnamed Insert, Michael Vick Tallboy
Pack 10-
Notable Base Cards- TJ Yates, Steve Johnson
Insert- Aaron Rodgers reprint
Pack 11-
Notable Base Cards- Randy Moss
Insert- Joe Montana QB Immortals
Pack 12-
Notable Base Cards- Tim Tebow, Mike Williams
Insert- RG3 Unnamed Insert
Pack 13-
Notable Base Cards- Matthew Stafford
Inserts- BS Giveaway, Hakeem Nicks Tallboy
Pack 14-
Notable Base Cards- Drew Brees
Inserts- Stevan Ridley Tallboy, Brandon Lloyd/Wes Welker Paramount Pairs
Pack 15-
Notable Base Cards- Andy Dalton, Sidney Rice
Insert- Steve Young reprint
Pack 16-
Notable Base Cards- Jermichael Finley, Alex Smith
Inserts- Luck/Elway Paramount Pairs. Oh, and also...
Giants Champs card #'d to 2012. Which is nice.
Pack 17-
Notable Base Cards- Desean Jackson, Matt Ryan
Insert- Mike Williams/Vincent Jackson Paramount Pairs
Pack 18-
Notable Base Cards- Trent Richardson rookie
Insert- Jimmy Graham unnamed insert
Pack 19-
Notable Base Cards- Matt Forte, Matt Schaub
Insert- Eli Manning rookie reprint, and keeping in the Eli spirit...
His Ring of Honor card, which is pretty cool.
Pack 20-
Notable Base Cards- Adrian Peterson, Jabal Sheard, Reggie Bush
Insert- Paramount Pairs of Ryan Fitzpatrick and Steve Johnson
Pack 21-
Notable Base Cards- Brandon Weeden rookie, Miles Austin
Insert- Jim Kelly rookie reprint
Pack 22-
Notable Base Cards- Ryan Matthews
Insert- Kurt Warner QB Immortals
Pack 23-
Notable Base Cards- Jason Babin
Insert- Shonn Greene Unnamed Insert. Also,
An Andre Carter Black Border, #'d to 57. Always a Patriot.
Pack 24-
Notable Base Cards- Jason Witten
Insert- Terry Bradshaw Reprint
Pack 25-
Notable Base Cards- Cedric Benson
Inserts- Rice/Flacco Paramount Pairs, Falcons TC #'d to 2012.
Pack 26-
Notable Base Cards- Osi Umenoria
Insert- Terry Bradshaw QB Immortals
Pack 27-
Notable Base Cards- Andrew Luck rookie
Insert- Dalton/Green Paramount Pairs, and also...
An Eric LeGrand, #'d to 2012, which is a great story for a card.
Pack 28-
Notable Base Cards- Percy Harvin, Andy Lee
Inserts- Michael Turner tallboy, Jabar Gaffney Unnamed
Pack 29-
Notable Base Cards- Victor Cruz, Matt Hasselbeck
Inserts- AJ Green Tallboy, giveaway
Pack 30-
Notable Base Cards- Mark Sanchez, Eli Manning
Inserts- Cedric Benson Tallboy, giveaway
Pack 31-
Notable Base Cards- Carson Palmer
Insert- Ronnie Hillman Unnamed
Pack 32-
Notable Base Cards- Drew Brees
Insert- Troy Aikman QB immortals
Pack 33-
Notable Base Cards- Owen Daniels
Inserts- Giveaway, Calvin Johnson tallboy
Pack 34-
Notable Base Cards- Nick Mangold, below
Inserts- Giveaway, John Kuhn Tallboy
And also, I pulled one of the better rookies of the set, a Russell Wilson rookie
Pack 35-
Notable Base Cards- Kenny Britt
Insert- Frank Gore unnamed
Last Pack-
Notable Base Cards- Hakeem Nicks
Inserts- Percy Harvin Unnamed, Ryan Matthews Tallboy

So, there was a Matt Ryan jersey card, and a bunch of inserts, but that was about it. Tomorrow, we break Archives.

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  1. Not bad for a hobby box. I'm a big Bengals fan, and it looks like you got the full set and most of the inserts. I'd take it and consider it a good day.