Thursday, August 1, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Ryu Edition

And just like that, we're through with July. I know, it barely even feels like August, but July is still over and done with, and that means it's crunch time in the majors.

Because this is another Month in Review post, I'll list the five things I predicted last month, and see if they came true.

1. An All Star game with ALL STARS.  For the most part, the teams delivered, though a lot of deserved All Stars basically dropped out the day before, due to that same BS Sunday rule.
2. The Pirates to remain one of the best teams in baseball. Correct. They are still in the race, competing with the Cardinals for the head of the NL Central.
3. The Yankees to make an attempt to return to the top of the AL East. An unsuccessful one, yes.
4. Toward the end of the deadline, the Phillies/Yankees to NOT unload any of their star players. Well, yeah. The big ones stayed put.
5. Toward the end of the deadline, the Phillies/Yankees to RECIEVE star players from other teams, in exchange for ONLY prospects. Yeah, this one was true too. Man, I did pretty well this month.

Now, here are five things that surprised me during the month of July.

1. First place Dodgers. This was a surprising one, as the Dodgers slowly crept up to the top this month, after a few months of being the low team on the totem pole. It's nice to see a team like that finally do well. I don't know how long it's gonna last, but I'm liking this.
2. Last place Giants. It's not everyday that the team that went to the World Series lands in last the very next year. Poor guys.
3. The Phillies didn't make any huge moves this trade deadline. Usually they're dealing a big star. This is a shocking one indeed.
4. Somebody actually signed Brian Wilson! Somebody actually listened to me!
5. The Jake Peavy deal. I really didn't see this one coming until it happened, and it was a big one. Not only did Peavy end up on the Red Sox, but the Red Sox actually traded their best rookie star, and shortstop, to the Tigers. This was a shocker.

Now, five things that didn't surprise me at all last month.

1. The Cubs unloaded their big stars at the deadline. Happens every year.
2. The Astros unloaded the two guys that were sorta kinda about to become big stars. Meh. Seen it before.
3. A-Rod and Braun's suspensions. We saw this coming a mile away.
4. The Cardinals crept back up and battled with the Pirates for the lead in the NL Central. This is actually an event in July.
5. No speeches at Hall of Fame induction day. Okay, I kid, that needs to change.

And finally, five things I want to happen in August.

1. The Yankees to finally reclaim their stuff and get right back in the race.'
2. The Cardinals to cool down and let the Pirates stay at the top for a while.
3. No random waiver deals that screw up the Update set.
4. The Dodgers to keep playing really well.
5. Yoenis Cespedes to keep hitting a decent amount of homers.

Well, that was a pretty nice month. Bring on August.

Coming Tomorrow- A nice, young player for the Cubs.

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