Friday, August 30, 2013

A discounted blaster of 2012 Topps Heritage

Boy, I've been getting a lot of cards lately.

Most of these purchases are more spaced out than it looks, they just take a while to post. Today, while out trying to get pages for my binders, I found a box of 2012 Heritage lying around at Target, for cheap. Being that my local Target decided NOT to restock on Topps Football, I grabbed the box, mainly because I loved last year's Heritage set.

Pack 1-
4- Leaders card. In 2011, the AL Home Run leaders were Jose Bautista, Curtis Granderson, Mark Teixeira, Mark Reynolds, Adrian Beltre and Ian Kinsler. Only Beltre still leads in homers, yet he's in sixth.
94- Wilson Ramos.
132- Cole Hamels, who had a really nice night the other night, blanking the Mets.
388- Pablo "Kung Fu Panda" Sandoval. Dunno who's benefitted more from that nickname, Sandoval or DreamWorks.
69- Michael Morse, back when he was still on the Nats
A Then and Now insert, comparing Harmon Killebrew to Jose Bautista. Again, this was 2012, back when we were all convinced that Bautista was a god.
312- Rays team card
372- Scott Downs
118- AJ Pierzynski. Evidently he's been hot lately for Texas, though I haven't seen that much evidence.

Pack 2-
305- Ryan "Tatman" Roberts, whose star has faded a bit since 2012, unlike his tattoos.
326- Ramon Hernandez, who has since retired.
190- Matt Holliday. I have the red border version of this, but this is the plain version.
68- Friendly Foes insert of Ryan Vogelsong and Andre Ethier.
395- Daniel Hudson
163- Matt Cain
440- Jonathan Sanchez, who was traded for Melky Cabrera.
347- Chipper Jones, in his final season. Great player.
128- Seth Smith.

Pack 3-
274- A Rookie Stars 4-fer. Out of these guys, there are no standouts, though there are okay people like Alex Liddi and Jared Hughes
181- A very somber looking Brent Morel. I imagine he just saw his team's stats in 2013.
392- A Tribe Thumpers combo of Asdrubal Cabrera and Carlos Santana, who were kind enough to stay on the team.
152- Nick Hagadone
414- Corey Hart, who hasn't really been too big this season.
110- Chase Headley.
A 63 Flashback of the demolition of Penn Station. A sad event, as it would go on to host two mediocre sports teams.
315- Hector Noesi. Man, that trade didn't help ANYBODY.

Pack 4-
402- Davey Johnson, who the Nats should be very thankful for.
267- Nick Hundley
319- Adam Jones, who had another fantastic season for Baltimore.
116- Vance, The Vanimal, Worley.
297- Derek Holland, having a not so great season? I haven't paid attention.
483- Mike Stanton...RED BORDER. Too bad it doesn't say 'Giancarlo'.
198- Joe Benson
82- Greg Holland
413- Huston Street, who should at least be happy he had the 2005 season.

Pack 5-
243- Jordan Pacheco
295- Cory Luebke
146- Mike Napoli Postseason Highlight
361- A-Rod. I have this one.
Holy crap, I pulled a game used!
It's a clubhouse collections relic of CARL CRAWFORD!
I know it's not the greatest season to pull a Crawford from, but he's still a great player.
433- Rickie Weeks
323- Chase D'Arnaud
170- Lonnie Chisenhall.

Pack 6-
134- Jim Leyland
281- Jason Marquis
386- Another rookie stars card, of Yankees Brackman, Betances and well as Mariner Jesus Montero.
183- Mark Teixeira
328- Elvis Andrus
The Disembodied Head of Mark Teixeira insert
228- Rookie Stars. Not much going on here.
260- Anthony Rizzo

Pack 7-
166- Travis Hafner, back when he was still on the Indians
265- Rookie Stars, with Steve Lombardozzi being the most relevant, which says a lot
21- Drew Stubbs
56- Cliff Lee
373- Michael Young, who just hasn't been hitting.
Hank Aaron Flashback
377- Orioles tc
423- Neftali Feliz
227- Josh Thole

Pack 8-
192- Justin DeFratus. Ha.
5- NL ERA Leaders. In 2011 they were Kershaw, Halladay, Lee, Vogelsong and Lincecum. Now they are Kershaw, Harvey, Hernandez, Corbin and Greinke. 1 out of 5.
244- Jason Motte
422- Dusty Baker
50- Madison Bumgarner
14- Justin Masterson
478- Roy Oswalt, still a Phillie.
175- Matt Garza
286- Star Rookies. At least Matt Moore's in here.

Well, that was actually pretty nice. That Carl Crawford relic sat on shelves for a year. Hm.

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