Friday, August 2, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Desperate Custom Plea Edition

I'm going to make a desperate plea here. A really desperate more. More desperate than the producers of American Idol right now.

Next week, I'll be away, on the road in North Jersey, for five days. Then, I'll come home, and promptly leave for Lake George, New York for a week. Bottom line here, I'll be on the road for two weeks, with only one break.

So, tonight would, normally, be my custom-cramming night, where I'd be back from vacation, and just make a nice bunch of customs before I'd leave again Sunday. But, you see, doing that now is very hard, for two reasons.

1. None of the photos from the recently traded stars were out tonight, and there weren't too many I can customize cause it was such a weak deadline. So really, the players I was looking to customize tonight weren't there.
2. And this is the big one. We're about 2/3rds through the season, and all the big players, all the ones I usually space out through the year, are all already there. Everyone that's been big this season, or anyone I would have customized, has one already this season. And I'm at a loss, because I'm going through all these files, thinking 'oh that's a nice shot, but he already has one.'

So really, I need help. Back last year, and the years before, I'd ask for requests, but at late I haven't done that, partially because I've been so consistent with customs. But now, that I'll need a surplus of customs for the next two weeks, I need more players to customize, and I need requests.

So please, if there's anyone you want to see a Mint Condition custom of, please drop me a custom, and help me out a little bit. It can be rookies I haven't done. It can be players I've never done, all five years. It can be a bit player that needs some coverage. Anyone. I'll even do Cody Ross if you desperately want me to.

So...that'd be great, I guess.

Coming Tomorrow- I have to check. I have one prepared, I think it's another Cleveland Indian.

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