Thursday, August 15, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Colon Edition

When one is greying gradually these days
We all assume he's clearly passed his prime.
Yet Barty's found a hundred million ways
To make his pitching arm go back in time.
Exterior: A seventeen year vet
Who won a Cy before reaching for juice.
He hasn't shown his age in pitching yet.
His arm's but thirty-five, one can deduce.
Of course, this never comes without a price
Bud's saying he'll suspend him for a while.
And being he spared Quentin (awfully nice),
Colon'll probably leave this with a smile.
But still, this blogger every day gives thanks.
That Bart never got caught while with the Yanks.

Coming Tomorrow- FOURTEEN RBIs IN THREE GAMES. REALLY. That calls for a nice custom.

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