Monday, August 12, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Locke Edition

I know people have moved onto talking about the Braves, Royals, Rangers, and Orioles, but I wanna get back to the Pirates. I don't care if they're no longer the IT team, I don't care if their closer's injured, I don't care that it's August. I don't care. I'm still talking about them. Deal with it.

Jeff Locke has gone the entire year with a low ERA, a strong consistent record, and absolutely no coverage. Nobody talked about Jeff Locke. Nobody said anything about how well he was doing. He made an All Star team, and pretty much everybody's reaction was 'huh, wouldja look at that', and promptly resumed being blown away by Yasiel Puig.

Right now Jeff Locke is slowly, quietly, secretly becoming one of this year's best pitchers. He's young, he's consistent, he has a great ERA, and he's doing very well for Pittsburgh. Any other year he'd be doing well in the headlines. But NO, this is a year where Strasburg has to be lazy, where A-Rod has to hog every other headline about the MLB that isn't a Puig lovefest.

Blah. Just a musing on a baseball season. Tomorrow's Cooperstown anyway, so there.

Coming Tomorrow- Besides a report from the Hall of Fame, a closer for one of the best teams in baseball.

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