Saturday, August 24, 2013

Custom Card of the Day: Bruce Edition

This year has been a nice one for the NL Central, as the Pirates have finally had a great year, while the Cardinals have unfortunately had a great year. Still, with those two teams surging, and the Cubs and Brewers practically dead, that kinda leaves the Reds in the middle.

I'll say this is odd, because last year the Reds made it to the playoffs, and they're still a great team, with a nice infield, and raw talent. They're just outmatched by the other two. Put them in any other division, and they have a shot at the wild card. They've just struggled with being in a division with two great teams, and the fact that they're not as great as last year.

Still, at least you can count on Jay Bruce to be consistently good. Like usual, Bruce has been hitting well, and he's somewhere on the homers list. What's weird is that five years ago, Bruce and Votto hit the scene, and in the years since, they're slowly developed a nice little status in Cincinnati. Like, they were huge in 2008, and somehow they're still both great players, which is nice. I mean, a lot of people that were huge in 2008 (Kosuke Fukudome, Delmon Young, Luke Hochevar) have gone down aways.

Still, I'm happy Bruce is performing, and I hope the Reds don't sink any further.

Coming Tomorrow- The Marlins suck this season. Here's the only reason people go to games there.

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