Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stadium Club Contest: 1996 Packs 1-4

It's taken me a few days to get this up, but I've had a busy life. School's starting soon for me, and I wanna get my last few days in before the boredome hits. But back to the contest. Captain Canuck's Braves had 59 points after 1 box. Nobody else was even close. We can't proclaim him the winner until we rip another box. 1996 Stadium Club has less cards per pack, but a 1 per pack Team TSC insert. Also, a lot more stars, and a lot better collation.

Pack 1:
Rusty Greer of the Rangers. A typical run to 3rd. 3 points
Tim Raines of the White Sox. He looks so badass. 4 points
Jay Buhner of the Mariners. A nice hit, apparently. 3 points
Steve Wojoschekcjdosopdj of the A's. A decent shot of a guy on the mound. 3 points
Pete Harnisch of the Mets. Nice windup. 3 points
Mike Matheny of the Brewers. THAT is how you do a studio shot. 5 points
Carlos Delgado of the Blue Jays. He was an awesome player. 4 points
Jose Rijo of the Reds. A nice shot. 3 points
Alan Benes of the Cardinals. A cool closeup. 4 points
Jeff Brantley of the Reds Team TSC. 4 points, cause it's an okay person on an insert.
Kevin Foster of the Cubs. A cool shot. 3 points

Pack 2:
Tony Phillips of the Angels. A nice slide. 5 points
Kenny Lofton of the Indians. Doing what he does 2nd best- bunting. 4 points
Keith Lockhart of the Royals. Weilding the bat like a samurai warrior. 4 points
Ray Lankford of the Cardinals. A potential steal. 3 points
Marty Cordova Team TSC for the Twins. 4 points, sterioid abuser.
Tony Gwynn Extreme Bronze Insert. This was a hard to find insert back in the day, and it's Tony Gwynn, so 5 points.
Charlie Hayes of the Phils. A nice swing. 3 points
Scott Brosius of the A's. HA! 3 points

Jeff King of the Pirates. Decent swing. 3 points
Jeff King of the Pirates. DAAAAMMNN First double. 1 point
Sammy Sosa of the Cubs. Run, Sammy Run (From the law). 4 points
Jose Valentin of the Brewers. When he was "young". 3 points.
Greg Maddux Team TSC. Automatically another 5 points for the Braves.
Erik Hansen of the Red Sox. An okay shot. 3 points
Keith Lockhart of the Royals. 1 point
Mike Matheny of the Brewers. 1 point

Steve Avery of the Braves. There is such thing as 4th Banana, kids. 3 points.

Thomas Howard of the Reds. Decent swing. 2 points.

Gary Sheffield of the Marlins. 4 points for sheff.

Jon Nunnally of the Royals. Never made it. 3 points

Scott Servais of the Cubs. Hi. 3 points.

BJ Surhoff of the Brewers. Not as good as his 1993 one. 3 points

Brady Anderson of the Orioles. A decent shot for an okay player. 4 points

Ivan Rodriguez of the Rangers. 1st Ballot Hall of Famer. 5 points

After 28 packs, the Braves still lead with 67. But The Brewers have 54, the Rockies have 51. Still the contest will continue tomorrow.

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