Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stadium Club Contest: 1996 Packs 13-16

At the end of last night's pack ripping, Captain Canuck's Braves still held the lead with 80, while Ryan LaMonica's Yankees have caught up with 63, and Play at the Plate's Rangers and the defunct Brewers have 61. Also, Spiegel83's Royals have made a comeback with 56. With 12 packs to go, anyone can win it, and everyone will try.

Mike Stanton of the Red Sox. Have it. 1 point

Jose Viscaino of the Mets. A decent swing. 3 points

Shane Andrews of the Expos. A potential steal. Of course, after that his weight made stealing difficult. 3 points

Steve Avery of the Braves. And the Braves make a return, albiet in double form. 1 point

Raul Mondesi of the Dodgers. RAAAUUULLL was a huge star back in the 90's. 4 points.

Mark Carreon of the Giants. A decent play shot. 3 points

Mark Portugal of the Reds. That's a good way to get a pitcher shot done. 4 points

Frank Castillo of the Cubs. Never made it. 3 points

Scott Leuis of the Twins. Got it. 1 point

Joe Oliver of the Brewers. Nice shot. 4 points

Alan Trammell of the Tigers. A Detroit Legend, shown in his final season. How could that NOT get 5 points?

Mark Langston of the Angels. The hard-throwing pitcher in action. 4 points

Jose Rijo of the Reds. Got it

Brian Hunter Team TSC of the Astros. Got it.

Curtis Leskanic of the Rockies. A decent shot. 3 points

Ron Karkovice of the White Sox. A brilliant catcher shot. 5 points

Karim Garcia of the Dodgers. Never made it. 3 points

Alex Fernandez of the White Sox. A good pitcher shot. 3 points

Kenny Lofton of the Indians. What a basestealer. Borderline Hall of Famer. 4 points

Albert Belle of the Indians. Boy, did this guy have power. 4 points

Mark Smith of the Orioles. Decent Horizontal. 4 points

Norm Charlton of the Mariners. That is a nice shot. 5 points

Jeff Bagwell of the Astros. Hall of Famer definitely. 4 points

Dave Martinez of the White Sox. A nice swing shot. 3 points

Tommy Greene of the Phillis. How a pitcher shot should be done. 4 points

Esteban Loiaza. Got it. 1 point

Jeff Conine of the Marlins. That's a funny one. The little James Woods grin ecquipped with a tennis racquet. 5 points

James Mouton of the Astros. A decent running shot. 3 points

Kevin Foster of the Cubs. Pitcher shot, blah. 2 points

Jody Reed of the Padres. A good swing. 3 points

Tom Glavine Team TSC of the Braves. He was for Atlanta what Cliff Lee is now for Philly- a very good pitcher, dwarfed only by the guy who starts the day before him. 5 points

Luis Aliciea of the Red Sox. Running, bleah. 2 points

Ed Sprague of the Blue Jays. A nice shot of the guy warming up. 4 points

Mike Lansing of the Expos. Got it. 1 points

With 8 packs left to go in the contest, the Braves lead with 86, while the Brewers have 65, the Yankees still have 63, the Rangers still have 61, the Marlins have 57 and the Royals still have 56. It was a slow round, but hopefully a lot more will happen when the contest continues tomorrow night.

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