Friday, September 9, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Strasburg Edition

Is there much to say about Stephen Strasburg that hasn't been said already? Methinks not. The guy is only in his second year, and Topps has beaten collectors over the head with him. And look, he's a good pitcher. He throws strikes, he's dominant, and he gets wins. But it really isn't looking like he's going to be...Stephen Strasburg. The comparisons to Todd Van Poppel are endless, whereas everyone thought that he'd be huge...then he wasn't. Still, Strasburg has potential, but if he keeps getting hurt, this potential will cease.

Also, if Topps does to Bryce Harper next year what they did to Strasburg last year, I'm swearing off Topps cards. Because it isn't fair, it isn't cool, and it's not the way Topps was 30 years ago.

Coming Tomorrow- Speaking of rookies with potential, this guy hit two home runs in one of his first games for his team. Naturally, he's playing for the Yankees.

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