Friday, September 2, 2011

Stadium Club Contest: 1996 Packs 5-8

When we last left this contest, Captain Canuck's Braves were STILL in the lead with 67, while the closest anyone has gotten to them has been the defunct Brewers with 54, and hiflew's Rockies and Play at the Plate's Rangers with 51. But still, it is anyone's race. No one is counted out yet, although anything can happen.

Pack 5-
Jose Rijo of the Reds. Double, 1 point
Carlos Perez of the Expos. Just a casual pose with a was of bubblegum behind the cheek. 4 points
Mike Piazza of the Dodgers. If the steroid rumors are silently put down, Piazza should be a Hall of famer. Besides, I enjoyed watching him back before I became a diehard Philly fan. 5 points.
Mark Lemke of the Braves. Insert your own dayf reference here. 3 points.
Chipper Jones of the Braves Team TSC. And the Braves' luck continues to get better. 5 points.
Todd Zeile of the Braves. He's dialing up 911, looking for where his career went. Ha. 4 points, cause that's a funny shot.
Power Packed Insert of Juan Gonzalez of the Rangers. This was a one-per box hit, and while I could have done slightly better, this was a pretty nice hit back in the day. 5 points.
Jacob Brumfeld of the Pirates. A fairly basic shot. 3 points

Pack 6:
Manny Ramirez of the Indians. Despite the fact that I hate him now,he was okay back in Cleveland. 4 points
Pat Kelly of the Yankees. Ah, a refresher of how terrible our team was in the 90's. 3 points.
Mark Grudzielanek of the Expos. A nice capture of Grudzy running the bases. 4 points
Steve Ontiveros of the A's. This card answers the question "Is it possible for a card to be boosted by a beard alone?". 4 points. What a goatee.
Garrett Anderson of the Angels Team TSC. This was before he started popping up in every pack ever. 4 points.
Kevin Appier Silver Extreme Insert, of the Royals. Another insert that was kinda cool. 5 points.
Eddie Murray of the Indians. Sheer greatness. 5 points
Rico Brogna of the Mets. A reminder of how bad BOTH New York teams were in the 90's. 2 points.

Darren Fletcher of the Expos. Now THAT is a nice shot. From behind him. 5 points.
Jeff Blauser of the Braves. A decent play. 4 points. WHY DO THEY HAVE SO MANY CARDS???
Ivan Rodriguez. Have it. 1 point
Frank Rodriguez of the Twins. A nice dugout shot. 4 points
Jason Jacome of the Royals. A standard pitcher shot. 2 points
Ruben Rivera of the Yankees Team TSC. Even are prospects were kinda bad...except for four glaring omissions. 4 points.
Mike Lansing of the Expos. Another nice play. 4 points
Will Clark of the Rangers. He's not a hall of famer, but he was very good. 4 points

Don Wengert of the A's. Blah. 2 points

Barry Bonds of the Giants. Good shot, but steroid abuser. 4 points cause of the shot.

Jim Thome of the Indians. Another surefire hall of famer. 5 points. The Indians could catch up.

Fernando Vina of the Brewers. A team full of excellent shots. Why didn't anyone want this team. Or, as Ollie Williams would say, 'WHO WANTS THIS TEAM?" 5 points.

Al Lieter of the Blue Jays Team TSC. Was a great player in his early years. 4 points

Mike Henneman of the Astros. The fury! 5 points, cause that's a great horitzontal.

Kurt Abbott of the Marlins. A nice batter's shot. 4 points

Jeff Suppan of the Red Sox. Okay shot. 3 points

Chipper Jones Team TSC. Got it. 1 point

Tom Candiotti of the Dodgers. A decent shot. 3 points

Mickey Mantle Insert of the Yankees. This is also 1 per box, commemorating the Mick's career. This was the first and only time Topps would do this...not. 5 points.

We've got 16 packs to go, and the Braves are still leading with 80. Catching up are the Brewers with 59, the Rangers with 61, and the Marlins with 52. It's still anyone's game. The contest continues tomorrow.

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