Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Aroldis Edition

There not many people who can throw faster than Aroldis Chapman. Sure, they can claim to have a 105 mph pitch, but no one can live up to it, other than Chapman. I've seen the man pitch, and he does so flawlessly. He fans batters every night. He throws hard and strikes people out. These facts offer up two questions. One- Why is this guy only a middle reliever, and Two- How come the Rookie of the Year talks are scarce?

The first question can be answered easily, mainly because the other spots are filled, and they rely on an aging slob to close games. But the second? If he's the fastest pitcher in the league, and this is his first season, how is this guy not even being talked about by ROY enthusiasts. Sure, Danny Espinosa this, and Craig Kimbrel that- what about the elephant in the room, here? And before you all ask, yes this is his rookie season. Is it maybe just the fact that he hasn't gotten many innings- is he just not pitching well? The world may never know.

Coming Tomorrow- A speedy outfielder in his early 30's, recently reaching a milestone in Chicaaaaago.

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