Friday, September 2, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Jackson Edition

For all of 2010 I was complaining that the Yankees were absolute idiots to give up Austin Jackson. For one thing, I'd thought he'd be the centerfielder of the future. He could hit homers, he could field well, and he seemed like the next big thing. Of know what happened next. He was traded to Detroit for another guy who was cited as the next big thing by his team, Curtis Granderson. So a year later, I have yet to determine who was the victor. Until now.

The Yankees recieved a power hitting outfielder, that got an All Star nomination this year, and rightfully so. The season Granderson is having rivals only one other batter this season, and that's Adrian Gonzalez. But Granderson is fighting with Gonzalez and Bautista for the leader in home runs this season, and I sure hope he wins. He deserves an MVP award this season.

Jackson has had a unrightfully less awesome two seasons. He started out having an epic rookie season, but this season just wasn't as good. He's been striking out waay too much, and his hitting has diminished. It's safe to say that I was wrong in thinking that Jackson was the ultimate outfielder, and I'm happy to deal with Granderson.

Although if we trade Jesus Montero, then I'll have beef.

Coming Tomorrow- During the game of Musical Chairs for the third outfield spot in Philadelphia, this guy has been the quickest, and has shown the most potential.

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